Some suggestions for wedding photography under beautiful rain


The rain suddenly knows where to be lucky, because they will probably bring you a beautiful anh vien ao cuoi . Wedding photography in the rain is not difficult, just the bride and groom with e- The crew has everything ready.

The rain makes your wedding photos romantic and impressive

Choose your wedding photography location carefully

Most couples, no one wants to take wedding photos in the rain. But the rains came suddenly, making everyone feel bewildered. To cope with the weather, we bring you some beautiful wedding photography suggestions. The first thing you need to do is to choose a wedding photography location.

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If you want to have romantic, nature-filled wedding photos, then you should choose a wedding photography location in the park, where there are many trees and flowers. Even in hot weather, wedding photography in the park always gives you beautiful photos.

On the contrary, if you want to have “safe” and “dry” wedding photos, then choose an “indoor” wedding photography location such as a hotel, cafe, movie studio, or museum. …

Pay attention to the makeup of the bride

If the wedding day is rainy, the bride’s makeup needs more attention. Simply by taking photos in the rain will make the cosmetics be washed away, even smudged on the face. Therefore, if you intend to take photos in the rain, ask the makeup artist to use a waterproof, long-lasting and high-grip cosmetic product. Ideally, you should apply light makeup so you can wipe it off and apply it again (without using makeup remover).

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Choose costumes for wedding photography under the rain

You should note one thing: moving in the rain is difficult, not as simple as walking in the sun, or it is “dry”. To facilitate wedding photography in the rain, both the bride and groom should choose simple, lightweight outfits. Limit cumbersome dresses like wedding dresses that are several meters long. It is best for the bride to choose for her moderate heels, should not wear too high because it is easy to stumble and slippery.

Get the right props for wedding photography in the rain

It will bring you extremely romantic wedding photos. It was wonderful, when couples took wedding photos with umbrellas. You should choose a transparent box or a color, this props will be the highlight for your photos.

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After the rain, a rainbow will appear, this is an advantage for wedding photography. What is more wonderful, when couples take wedding photos in the light of the rainbow. Rainbow images make your wedding photo album more sparkling and fanciful than ever.

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