Tips To Build Bot Sequence For Facebook Messenger


First of all, you’ll require a Facebook Page related with your business to begin. In the event that you don’t have one set up yet, simply ahead and do that now. Shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to get setup.

Once your Facebook Page is setup, it’s an ideal opportunity to agree to accept a ChatFuel free record. Go to and join. Take after the means and interface your Facebook Page.

You’ll be incited to set up a “chatbot” — you can utilize one of the templates furnished or select to run with a blank template.

I’d prescribe that you begin with a blank template.

Hustle and Groove Messenger Bot on ChatFuel

Setup welcome and default messages

Once you have your underlying setup finish, it’s an ideal opportunity to get into the nitty gritty of setting up your chatbot.

On the left-hand side menu, tap on “assemble” — you should see the accompanying screen once you’ve done this.

Alright, back to editing your Welcome Message square.

To alter, tap on the Welcome Message square (in case you’re not as of now in it). You’ll see a screen to the correct open up, where you can alter the content.

ChatFuel Facebook Messenger Bot

To alter the content, basically tap on the hazy area and feature the content and supplant it with something more important.

Hustle and Groove Welcome Message

Keep it quick and painless and in accordance with your image.

The following thing you’ll need to do is click where it says “Include a button”.

You’ll have three options:

  • Associate with a current Block
  • Send them to a URL
  • Give them a telephone number
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I’d prescribe associating them to a current square, that being your Default Answer.

So when you tap on “Include a button” enter a name for your button. I’ve utilized “Take in More”. At that point, in the drop-down territory underneath, you’ll see that square is picked as a matter of course (versus URL or telephone number).

Snap in the blank space beneath the three options and you’ll see another drop-down menu shows up. Pick “Default Answer” and this will be embedded into this region.

Editing welcome message button

Snap done once you’re done.

This is what you’re done Welcome Message should resemble (something comparative obviously, kindly don’t duplicate!):

Including a button

Alright! That wasn’t too hard presently, would it say it was?

Our following stage is to set up our Default Answer. Simply ahead and click this on the left-hand side to open the screen so we can alter it.

Editing your default reply

The default answer is the principle reaction that will be utilized to react to any client contribution (after they’ve gotten the Welcome Message).

This ought to resemble a little menu and give them more information or an approach to connect with you.

This is what I have for Hustle and Groove:

Editing your default reply on ChatFuel

You’ll see that I’ve included three buttons that all connect to a particular URL. You should set yours up comparatively.

In the event that you need to customize your messages with the individual’s first name (as they have on Facebook), at that point you should simply type “{{” and you’ll be given a drop-down menu with these personalization options.

Personalizing your default reply

Pick whatever your need and keep editing.

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Note that you can bounce into your Facebook Messenger Bot and react to the messages whenever.

Actually, I’d suggest that you do that paying little mind to what you’re setting up here.

Your chatbot is essentially an approach to enable your subscribers to get moment access to information, however it’s not intended to supplant a genuine human, especially when your supporter is making an inquiry your chatbot can’t reply.

Remember this as we experience whatever remains of the setup.

Setting up your AI otherwise known as working out your keywords

Our next stage is the place the enchantment happens, where the chatbot comes to ‘life’!

To set this up, you’ll have to complete a touch of arranging and considering how individuals will connect with your bot.

So before we set up your AI, I need you to experience the accompanying activity:

Stage 1: Write down your blog categories

Stage 2: Look at your messages from clients/customers/subscribers and see what normal inquiries they’re asking — take note of those down

Stage 3: Look at your Google Analytics and see what basic pursuit terms are being utilized as individuals ‘surf’ your site

Once you have the majority of that information together, it’s an ideal opportunity to set up your AI inside ChatFuel.

To do this, on the left-hand side menu, simply under the “Assemble” choice, you’ll see “Set up AI” <– click this and you’ll see the accompanying screen:

Setting up AI otherwise known as tenets in ChatFuel

Beginning with your blog categories, click “include lead” and include your first blog class. You’ll see that after you enter this, the cursor hops to the following box, where you can keep in touch with some supportive content or connection to a current square.

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This is the place you’ll have to design out your substance. On the off chance that you have to make more squares, return to the assemble menu and under your Welcome and Default Messages, you’ll see two more options for squares:

More square options

One is for making one-off squares (independent) and the other is for making gatherings of obstructs (those that connect to each other).

Taking a gander at the keywords, seek terms, inquiries and blog categories you have, design out whether you will need to make independent squares or square gatherings.

I’d recommend that you make your squares or square gatherings in the first place, at that point go and set up the guidelines in the AI segment.

Here’s a brisk video of me setting one up for Hustle and Groove so it bodes well:

What’s more, that is it, your fundamental Facebook Messenger Bot is good to go up!

There are different parts to your bot that you should need to investigate, for example, making communicates and successions, which are fundamentally the same as your email arrangements you have set up in your email stage, as

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