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Stranger Things 2 | Official Final Trailer | Netflix


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The world has turned Upside Down. Stranger Things 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

Watch Stranger Things, Only on Netflix:


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Stranger Things 2 | Final Trailer | Netflix

When a young boy vanishes, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one strange little girl.

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  1. dahal prakash says

    I just hate this trailer in 2021 need season 4 trailer

  2. andrea Jahn says

    1100 jane 1 will hi you yes you

  3. wife haver 123 says

    Who is here from 2021

  4. Sudev Kamal says

    Bob is a legend
    Bob is a legend
    Bob is a legend
    Bob is a legend
    Bob is a legend
    Bob is a legend
    Bob is a legend
    Bob is a legend

  5. Captain SoMeister Assemble says

    This season changed a lot

  6. ang says

    the best season

  7. Pallav Aneesh says

    Season 2 ending was an absolute craziness 🔥
    One of my favorites

  8. Rohit Nivdunge says

    After watching full 3 seasons ,is anyone here to see trailer again???

  9. SlayzGhee says

    I hope the series goes beyond season 4 like this series is fken amazing

  10. Hamdan Majdi says

    Pls give fast stranger thing season 4

  11. Saji P Joseph says


  12. 안드레아 says

    Just finish Season 1 and gonna watch season 2 later!☺️

  13. Pouriya Azar says

    I cant wait for season 4😪😪

  14. Yep Yep Edits says

    Season1: finding will
    Season2: Saving will
    Season3: Ignore will
    Season 4: will die

  15. Carl Justine Solano says

    season 4 kdbsizbsuabs

  16. Lydzrulesok says

    IKR ITS BEEN LIKE 3years were is season 4?

  17. anmolbathz says

    Who are watching all seasons now!!

  18. ~Elara~ says

    I want season 4

  19. Jeetansh Lakesh says

    Legends are here after season3 😅

  20. bella swans wife says

    why dont we have a season 4 official trailer yet😑

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