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Magic of Hong Kong. Mind-blowing cyberpunk drone video of the craziest Asia’s city by


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Original Music by Artem Zinovyev
Special thanks Vensus lens for Laowa 9mm f/2.8 lens.
Laowa – Venus Optics youtube channel:

Filmed with Zenmuse X7 camera, attached to a DJI Inspire 2 drone.

The Timelab team are setting out on a whole series of international projects. “Upcoming we have Switzerland, Rome, and Paris. We want to film in the Arab nations too, as well as China, and start to film in Africa. Creative art videos filmed with drone of world destinations are our passion. We aim to create a documentary film portrait for every corner of our amazing planet.

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  1. fre.sha.vocado says

    For those who haven't been to Hong Kong:
    0:13 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai
    0:16 BOC Tower (Bank of China Tower), Central
    0:20 The Center, Sheung Wan
    0:25 That building that looks like a razor is IFC Phase II
    0:30 Central Plaza, Wan Chai
    0:44 The Arch, West Kowloon
    0:58 Renaissance Habour View Hotel, Wan Chai
    1:31 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok
    1:33 Lunar Market, Victoria Park
    1:35 Fok Cheong Building (Monster Building), Quarry Bay
    1:43 Kwai Chung Container Terminal, Kwai Chung
    2:02 Stonecutters Bridge
    2:24 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai
    2:29 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay
    2:40 Whampoa Gardens, Hung Hom (That ship is a shopping mall btw)
    2:44 ICC, West Kowloon (Tallest building in HK)
    2:46 IFC Phase II
    2:51 HK-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge
    2:55 The Buddha, Ngong Ping

  2. Johnny Li says

    This is really the best drone video, it’s so good it’s like watching big screen movie.

  3. NIKHIL says

    Hong Kong 🇭🇰 not belongs to China 🇨🇳

  4. Stefan Popescu says

    Cant wait for Test Drive

  5. Fish chair says

    Hong Kong: am the biggest

    Tokyo: are you sure about dat

  6. Amarjeet Singh says


  7. Jane night says


  8. Random Cubing says

    As a hongkonger, this feels absolutely exaggerated for no reason

  9. musa tape. says

    Music name plz

  10. Vinod Kumar Naidu says

    The BGM is so good. I would like to know the source of BGM.Can any one find it.

  11. Relaxing s says

    hong kong is the most kind, beautyful country in the world from vietnam

  12. Fred Flintstone says

    Zach, do you want to try the freezer out?

  13. Neil Langley says

    Yes, we British gave China so much it's amazing how generous we are. We've earned our cheap sweaters and plasma screens.

  14. 2 M says

    Imagine showing this to 11 000 B.C. folks.
    They gonna be so suprised , how pussy is our electricity and architecture.

    3:09 meanwhile they are removing swastikas from Battlefield game.
    No matter there is half meter big one on statue.

  15. Living Walks says

    Hi there, we've been enjoying watching this. Such a pleasure to see the city from a high viewpoint, thank you for taking the time to add it. We look forward to seeing more.

  16. Xtrem1zer says

    В таком муравейнике жить, ужас 😱

  17. Mocanu Stefan says

    can you imagine how much sex per second happens inside the buildings ?

  18. Daniil Kutuzoff says

    just insane

  19. Joao3003 says

    Hong Kong is another planet, Love from Brazil.

  20. Tanmay Rai says

    Are there any trees???

  21. Shantel Bollmann says

    It's great to see that Weedborn has new CBD products that will save me money and energy to treat myself.

  22. 無神千晃 says


  23. MUKESH KUMAR says

    Gorgeous, stunning view of great Hong Kong city.lots of love and wishes from INDIA…..

  24. HappyBuggy says

    Amazing city too bad China has another plan for it.

  25. Charu karthikeyan says

    As a normal girl who lives in a small village in India and poor af, dreaming to visit here is like dreaming to fly to the Saturn and it breaks my heart that I won't be able to visit this beautiful city :'(

  26. South Korea is dead👿😈 says

    South Korea is dead, South Korea is destroyed🤣🤣

  27. Wishtime system says


  28. 楊淙皓 says

    Good to be a map for GTA😁😁

  29. 楊軒 says

    Rubbish City
    Mainland more beautiful😎
    Hong Kong too crowded.

  30. RyzenMartin says

    If only I could take one of these shots

  31. 新馬舞踊 says


  32. Asiya Asi says

    Oh 😲

  33. Sumitsingh Ghuraiya says

    2:16 I want this song

  34. Sanju Mali says

    Video is supper you do about India

  35. Minimal says

    Spiderman would be glad living in such city

  36. Wendell Miranda | Tryevis says

    Que lindo❤️

  37. 𝚁𝚊𝚗 says

    And it's an ad for nordvpn

  38. Mukesh Kumar says

    Background music name plzz???

  39. Itz moonlight OwO says

    fuck i pissed my pants

  40. Muzna says

    I'm so jealous

  41. Vita Lova says

    Pusing tinggal dikota gitu

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