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Like A Mother | Episode 2: Firefighter | Netflix Family


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For Fire Captain Lauren Andrade fighting to balance kids, gender norms, mothers’ rights in the workplace, and fires are just another day. Let’s celebrate this …

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    Everything is woke mow. So tired of this.

  4. Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo says

    Very good

  5. Mo Vo says

    FireFighters have a extremely dangerous job and most people have no clue what they have to deal with

  6. pihu Prasad says

    Just amazing

  7. The Dayans says


  8. Mat Berg says

    On en reparlera quand il faudra porter quelque chose de lourd.

  9. Jelyn lu says

    So awesome! ❤️❤️

  10. Janaína says


  11. Janaína says


  12. Enormhi says

    I see the stereotype for firefighters holds true on the woman's side as well; she's hot!

  13. T P.G says

    You have a cooler mum when she skateboards with you 😄

  14. fnafbloxgaming says

    Re continue the some asmbly required show please

  15. Sai Satwik says

    Day 13 of my petition to add Repeat Intro to Netflix

  16. The Third Clegane says

    Thumbnail kinda looks like B.J. Blazkowicz from the new Wolfenstein games..

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  18. Nugi Khutsishvili says

    Thank you Netflix for this, thanks for making such an amazing content of shining a bright light on those women, who do their best and make lot's of sacrifice, unlike Gal Gadot's "Impact" series.
    For anyone, who does not understand the context, let me give you a short description – National Geographic made "Impact" series of women, who struggle to find a place and cope with their lives and their professions are dancer, swimmer and so on, but that's not the main point. Gal Gadot said that during the production, she made sure to search for people with "interesting stories" and she was afraid that she could not find "interesting stories" of women, who struggle and she made a statement that, the stories were supposed to be entertaining and that's the issue everyone – so, basically, because someone is a doctor or firefighter, doing every day job and saving every day lives, so what, they are not interesting and impactful, right? – cause that's the statement she gave. She also added that all of these women struggle the same – umh, no. Not every one struggles the same, especially her. And, once again, given the privilege to work as an actress, of course she does not care about all of that. It's just pure propaganda.

  19. Brenda Visconti says

    Mother's Can Be Many Things..But the Most Important To Me Is To Hear My Child Say MaMa When They Need Me..

  20. Sarah Reynolds says


  21. Culvea Solvere says

    Like a mother, who can't finish 100% of the physical tests to be a fireman. I sincerely hope that she's not sent in to save anyone because they will die in the fire before she can pick them up!

  22. Dareeek Sk says

    Jaki jest tytuł orginalny na netflixa

  23. B3X says

    Netflix.. PLEASE upload bnha 102

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    This is great!!!

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    Very inspiring!!


    Don't let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life
    Have a great day 🌺🙏

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    I liked it

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    Most amazing

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