Why businesses need an introduction video

Why do businesses need business introduction videos?

Questions have been posed by many companies and businesses in many discussions in the company. How influential the film is to introduce the business, and how much it really affects the development of the business.

According to statistics from Wyzowl , 72% of businesses using video from the internet significantly improved their chances of connecting customers, 64% were more effective since using TVC, 93% of marketers said their customers understand products more easily through videos. This figure shows the small attraction of advertising videos to the public and customers.

Why doesn’t your business have a self-introduction video?

Still businesses, they are hesitant to produce advertising video that they know will be effective, according to an estimated 9% of marketers said that they are very difficult to convincing superiors about the effectiveness of TVC, 12% of marketers said that the actual effect of investing in making TVC is not very clear, 15% of marketers in the survey of unused enterprises videos for marketing purposes because they have no funds to implement.

About customers after watching TVC, 74% of them fully understand about products and services after watching the product introduction videos. 77% are completely convinced to make a purchase decision after watching TVC or self-introduction video. 70% of customers said that they always share the introductory videos or TVC to their friends through social network channels.

Reputable unit in the field of advertising video production

Currently, with the development of information, communication and digital. There are many companies operating in large media field to go to: BigstarMedia, Vietstarmax, Rainstormfilm ….

These are big companies leading in the field of reputable and quality video and communication production in Vietnam.

Bigstar Media advertising production company

Bigstar Media is one of the starup in the field of media, but it has shown itself to be one of the companies providing the leading low-cost communication solutions in Vietnam.

Born in early 2015, Bigstar Media has 4 years of experience in advertising video production. Bigstar Media’s services target individual customers and small and medium-sized businesses. Providing high-value services, but the price is always suitable for all customers and businesses.

Why choose Bigstar Media

  • Bigstar Media is the leading provider of cheap video production services in Vietnam.
  • With a staff of experienced professionals, enthusiastic, happy, good professional qualifications.
  • Fully equipped, with all kinds of service to meet all requirements from customers, ensuring the best output quality.
  • We appreciate the cost issue, and always bring the most cost-effective advice to customers, ensuring the interests of customers.
  • Deliver products on time and agreed with customers.

Currently Bigstar Media is providing services in major markets across the country such as Bac Ninh, Can Tho, Dong Nai, Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh, Hung Yen, Quang Ninh, Vung Tau …

Customers who are interested in professional services, can refer to more information at: Make video advertising company of Bigstar Media.

We are happy to advise on services and cooperate with you in the field of advertising film production in Vietnam.


In contrast to Bigstar Media, Vietstarmax targets big corporate customers, corporations, and produces extremely high-value TV commercials.

This is an enterprise that has many years of experience producing long-time TV commercials (TVad). If you are in need of a large-scale TV advertising campaign, Vietstarmax will be a relatively good choice.

Rainstormfilm and other companies

Joint Stock Company Vu ​​Bao film established with a vision of top priority for creative quality, promoting creativity and urging thinking to all members of the company for products is the main purpose of development. .

Currently, the products and services of Rainstormfilm provide mainly TVC advertising and 3D architecture videos, in addition to other brand design and brand recognition services …


The above are the reasons why your business needs an introductory video. The leading enterprises in the field of advertising and introduction video production are available in Vietnam market.