Social Media Marketing- Facebook Marketing has Gone to the Dogs!






It had to happen. It was inevtiable. . 

It was expected- sort of. Facebook has gone to the dogs. Literally. If you think I am kidding-read on! 

You and I know that Facebook can link to your contacts list so that you can invite all of your friends and family to join. 

 Dogbook is a Facebook application that lets you do the same thing for your dog.  Send an email and invite your dog loving friends to join your dog’s Dogbook. 


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Facebook Marketing- The 3 Hidden Rules for Facebook Success


Marketing on facebook has been a very popular thing to blog about. In Social Media, Myspace and Facebook are the twin titans when it comes to social networking. But we have found that there are 3 rules that are hidden and you need to understand them. There are some great facebook authors as well out in the blogosphere, one being a friend, Mari Smith. She really gets the facebook workings and has some great content. She is a MUST read with facebook.

Most people market on facebook with the wrong focus, as well as the wrong actions. But if you adhere to these rules, you will find that facebook marketing is a whole lot easier than you thought. We have marketed successfully on facebook a lot of things- from webinars to ebooks- and have foudnthere are three things that made a huge difference.

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