Social Media Marketing- The 3 Biggest Reasons Fortune 500 Companies are going Social

Lots of talk today about Volume of business on the social media scene.


Lots of Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller ones are FINALLY discovering social media works and it is for real.


Million Dollar Question:

What took them SO LONG?

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Social Media Marketing- The 5 Levels of Authority Found in Social Media



Lots of words flying around in the social media arena about Authority.

I have been seeing lots of posts lately all over the place about people that are “johhny come latelies” and making a splash on the social media sphere and bringing a huge list with them and then labeling themselves an “expert” and an “authority.”:

Some of these posts and tweets about these social media neophytes have been brutal, while some have been very honest. And to be realistic, some of the these social media neophytes have been blatantly in your face,  ”look at me” self promotional, and obviously it;s all about who they are and the numbers they have accumulated as “followers” and “friends” from their list and their friend’s list

Or is it?

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Social Media Marketing – The REST OF THE STORY on How to Become a “Social Media Expert” in 24 hours


He called back.

He called back again.

He called back once again.

This so called “Social Media Expert” from the previous blog post  I posted has now renamed himself. Amazing transformation. He sent me an email recently telling me that I had a “gift” waiting and needed to act NOW before 11:57 pm TONIGHT–or the offer would be CUT OFF –>   FOREVER.

Wow- that’s a long time.

Below is part of the LONG LONG LONG SALES PITCHING HIS REAR END OFF email: (WARNING: The ending revelations he gives about some folks will SHOCK YOU.)

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Social Media Marketing- The Evolving Power of Social Media Leadership





The Core Energy of any Success and achievement.

And also the Core of any Social Media Success.

That is what  Social Media Leadership is about - an evolving Leadership that in a powerful manner, will redefine the web and social media in general n the future.


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Social Media Marketing-Are You a Poser, Player, or Pioneer?



This was written by a great friend-and writer-Marco Carbajo. Enjoy!

Poser? Player? Pioneer?

I’m no expert in Social Media Marketing but it doesn’t take an expert to figure out Social Media Marketing. When you have excellent mentors and coaches you’re experience and learning curve improve dramatically.

I enjoy sharing with you my personal experiences in social media marketing and hope to provide you with some insight on how to best utlilize this amazing vehicle of conversational based marketing.

After seeing so many types of personalities and styles of social media marketers on the internet it inspired me to identify what the difference was between the great and not so great. While everyone is different in personality and we each have strengths and weaknesses there seems to be a common behavior pattern in social media that is not so different.

There are 4 distinct types of Social Media Marketers:

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Social Media Marketing- The Top 10 Mistakes People will make in Social Media in 2009

Here we go again!

Another year and another great possibility! With the election of Obama to the presidency, there is Hope and all are looking for a great future.

But I am sitting here thinking of all the folks in social Media that are going to be frustrated again in their social Media marketing efforts. wondering why they are not getting the traction or friends that they thought they should. And the main reason is that they continue to make the same mistakes  in Social Media as last year.

Are YOU going to do that- I sure hope not. You may not have the power of a Robert Scoble, or the personality of a Gary Vanyerchuck, or the mind of a Chris Brogan, or the networking focus of a Mari Smith or Coach Deb micek. Or even the amazing writing talent of a Scott Monty.

At least not yet.

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Social Media Marketing- Social Media is Your Living Room

Welcome to my Living Room.


Was looking over the social-sphere today- and actually started thinking.

Yes- I do think. A Lot. And if you really are looking at Social Media as for what it really is- and meant to be-it is sort of like an online living room.

Think about it.

Social Media is about Conversation.  And Connection.

So is a living room.

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Social Media Marketing- The Balance Between Value and Volume

Social Media Marketing.

We know the drill.

Or so we think we do.

Get as many followers as you can.

Befriend as many people as you can.

Let people know how many view your videos.

And let people know that you are on over 400 social sites. Get as many people on your group as you can- and then email them daily. Get the numbers up-up-up! And then focus on MORE numbers- and do not worry about any Value that you need to bring to the table. It is all about NUMBERS and it you have them-you will do fine. THAT is how you market in social media- and you MUST follow the leaders that propose that- THEY know best!!!

Where is the Kool Aid?

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Social Media Marketing-The Psychology of Social Media-The 7 A’s

Over the last 4 years, I have been quietly observing a lot of different folks in social media, from Chris Brogan, to Robert Scoble, Brian Clark, Darren Rowse, Mari Smith, Shama Hyder, and the list is almost endless. How they operate. what they say and do. And of course there are hundreds more that could be listed.

But I have learned an immense amount of good stuff from each. It is like going back to University.

I have found though that psychology plays a HUGE part in the social media marketing world. It plays a bigger part them most people realize due to the newness of social media and the power behind it’s capabilities.

There are what I call “Tier One” social media rock stars, (The term used by everyone today)  and the “Tier two” participants. These 2 “social media zones” are interesting to observe from a marketing process, and also from a human standpoint.

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