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Social Media Marketing- Twitterless and UseQwitter-Who is Unfollowing You?




Most do not. Most folks have no clue who is following them, let alone who is UNfollowing them. 

Well, now our egos all can get bashed, trashed, and crashed with 2 twitter tools that will email you every time that someone UNfollows you on twitter.

How does that work?


This seeme a little dark. I asked myself, “WHY would I want to know who is unfollowing me and why should i even care?” 

THEN it hit me.

There are GREAT reasons to put up with the emails and find out who is unfollowing you and use that as data for your Social Media Branding purposes.

Some folks say that it is a waste of time, and some folks say it is critical info. I am in between. I think that it is not a waste of time if you are in marketing and use twitter as a marketing platform, but I do not think that it is critical either.

it is just a GPS system to let you know how you are doing on twitter as far as Branding and if you are headed in the right direction as far as Value in your message.

People will UNfollow you for a host of reasons, and mainly I believe  they do NOT like your tweets. I have UNfollowed folks because i found their language unacceptable, their use of twitter for politics disturbing, and also too many tweets. One dude sent out in ONE day 133 tweets.

Crazy. ALL were selling something. Hasta la vista baby!

What would 3 reasons be to use twitterless and useQwitter?

1) To Tweak your Message.

If you are suddenly getting a rash of  UNfollows then you need to check your message and what is says as that is clue to a tweak is needed. The email from twitterless and useQwitter  will also send you the tweet that they UNfollowed you on.

2) To check demographics.

You may not so well in one demographic, and the sameUN follows are of that demo. if that is the case, them you need to possibly get another twitter account and market to that demo with a different message, or simply not market to them. Your call.

3)  To see what tweets containing certain urls you do not need to send out anymore.

I sent out one tweet a while ago, and it was semi religious in nature, but not much. It was about Thanksgiving and we all had a lot to be thankful for, and to remember Who we are to be thankful for.

Whoa. over 50 people UNfollowed within an hour.  Now i never really have marketed myself on twitter or gone after huge numbers (not yet anyway) – and 50 followers were a LOT at that time. So…ol Doug will re–tweak any semi religious tweets from now on as a lesson. as we all must respect where folks are concerning other faiths.

So, do YOU want to know who UNfollows you?


One person one time said that he did not care, as there were too many others out there to worry about whiney folks. He may be right. But in marketing, it can prove to be valuable info to some degree.

I want to know myself, as it is all part of of my Social Media marketing data.

blessings.. doug firebaugh

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