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Social Media Marketing- Twitter and WeFollow.com- a Powerful way for Exposure in Twitterville




Brand new.

Launched about a week ago.

From Kevin Rose-the developer of


It is a rocking hot software that allows you to select tags that you want to be found for when people search for people to follow on twitter. You select the tags, (once you register) and then you are a part of this twitter directory site that allows people to go and see who they want to follow by searching tags that interest them.

It can create some amazing exposure for you and what you are interested in, as well as find folks to follow that are of interest to you.

It’s kind of like a in theory.

There are also a display of the most popular tags as well as the top 100 tweeters.

I would suggest that you engage this tool for your twitter marketing.

It can do three things for you in your marketing efforts:

1) Expose you to people that are looking for what you have to offer.

2) Help you find potential new prospects.

3) Connect you with possible referral sources.

Kevin Rose also recently sold Pownce – a microblogging service, and now seems to be focused on creating software that connects with the more popular social sites. I thought Pownce rocked, but now is owned by another compnay and under new development.

Take a look at “We Follow” and start creating some serious exposure for your marketing efforts.

It is a cool tool for twitter and again, can create some great exposure for your social media marketing efforts.

blessings…doug firebaugh

Linda Barbara

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