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Social Media Marketing- The Three Marketing Rules I learned in Las Vegas this Weekend




Well…not much happening lately. I was there this weekend speaking at a convention and it was a ghost town-literally. No one was hardly there. I have been on the road for three weeks and this was a shock.

But while i was recovering from that shock, I had a great conversation with the Head Marketer at one of the hotels there about why Vegas is NOT happening as far as tourists and what can be done about it.

Enter- Taaa-daaaaa! 

Social media.

Her name was Marsha and I met her at a coffee cafe in one of the hotels, and we started talking about the lack of guests in the hotel and in Vegas. She said all the rehearsed talking points, and she was quite articulate.

Very good at selling Vegas.

But not good enough to fill her hotel.

She was talking about the ways that they were marketing, and mentioned a particular hotel on the strip that was doing better than anyone else and she said that they had “broken the mold” in the Vegas marketing culture.

Hmmm…broken the mold? Now THAT is talking my language!!!

I asked her to explain.

She said that there are three new rules that are being circulated around Vegas and they are the reason why this hotel was doing so well when everyone else was doing…well…not so good.

What were they?

1) “If you are not on the social media platform, then you are missing a LOT of where the people are going and hanging out.”

That is why the other hotel is kicking- they are all OVER the social media landscape. .

They have figured it out.

Social Media IS the New Media and they have put together a great strategy for drawing potential new business from.

2) “Revenues today cannot be all focused on traditional marketing. You are dealing now with an evolving non-traditional culture in social media.”

Amen! And the more non-traditional it becomes, the more people will find that monies spent on traditional advertising and marketing are getting less bang for the buck than any revenues spent on social media and strategy development.

Simply, as she said, “You can play a losing hand-or join in a winning game. I prefer to win.”

3) “During a recession, it requires NEW creative ideas for marketing, and approaches to the marketplace that are out of the box that takes you to new places and thinking. Social Media offers such ideas and a vehicle to drive those ideas to the marketplace.”

Well put.

But one Clarfication here: I personally have chose NOT to participate in the recession.

But for those who have, you may want to reconsider your strategies for marketing and advertising.

The marketplace is changing.

It is evolving.

It is becoming something different than it was 5 years ago.

Those that embrace the changes, will win. Those that do not-will lose a LOT of business to those who are in the NEW MARKETPLACE with a New Conversation with people that are looking for just that.

Those are three valuable rules that I learned from a Marketing Director of one of the biggest hotels in vegas. I thought they were very powerful and timely. Especially for Social Media marketing.

Linda Barbara

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