Social Media Marketing- The Rising Social Media Power of

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Sounds like a radio station- sort of.

Sounds like a formula for engineering sound.

But in reality, it is getting to be one of the standards of the social media world in content delivery. And THAT is a major power in helping accelerate your Branding efforts in the social media zone.

What IS

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Bookmark and Share says, “simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap.”

It is a great way to update dozens of your social sites at once, with the click of a button. It really is that simple. I started using when they were in beta, and it really worked well, even though there were some typical beta glitches. it has grown since then to be a powerful updating service and communication vehicle to a lot of different social sites and they are adding sites at a very fast clip.

All you do with, is think “twitter.” You have 140 characters to say a message that you want to go public, and then type it in, and then click on “ping it!” and you are now being blasted out to all the networks that you have subscribed to.

Yes, you must register for the accounts first before will deliver your message to them, but it really has a great system for updating your status and message to the masses.

What are some of the services that it “pings” out to? Here are some of them:


Plaxo Pulse


There are over 20 more social sites that are available, (click on the link that says “add more networks”) and  if you use all the sites that ping has available, you will find yourself truly getting a LOT of exposure.

There are three types of Communication in social media:

1) Broadcast. 

This is where you broadcast a message out to your followers and add value to their life as well as update your followers about new blog posts, podcasts, interesting sites and blogs you have run across, and whatever else you want to broadcast. This is a specialty- BROADCAST.

2) Conversation.

This is where you actually hold a back and forth conversation with people on your social sites. It is a 140 character conversation that could go on for a while. I had a conversation recently that went on for over 30 updates.

3) Collaboration.

This is where more than one person is communicating in one message. It could be two, three, four people that are collaborating on a project that all are part of the message and efforts. This is how many projects are done online through a “joint single message.”

Now here is what you need to do:

1) Register for the social networking sites that ping delivers to. (All of them.)

This will take you a good hour. Use the same ID and pass code for all- that makes it easy to remember. Some people say not to do that, but if you are using it for messaging and branding-I have found that it is so much easy to remember.

2) Test out ping and check each site to in sure that it is working.

This is critical as to make sure you have registered correctly on each site.

 3) Start following and befriending people on the sites, as to build up over time, a following and friends.

Also, there are applications that ping now has for use, that will help you to create a more useful and powerful usage for the services it offers. What are some of them?

SMS / Text Messaging
AOL Instant Messenger
GTalk / Jabber
Yahoo! Messenger
Windows Live Messenger
iGoogle Gadget
Facebook Application
iPhone Web App
Mobile App (WAP)
seesmic Video
Ping through SpinVox


All of these applications make using ping so much easier, including the mobile device and the facebook application. It truly has some power for updating your social messages.

The rising social media power of to help your branding and messaging efforts is amazing. Yes, there are some other great social media updating services out there, like and, but ping seems to have the most power in getting your message out to the social media sphere.

One thing that ping recently has added as well is “ping on the go” with the new PEEK mobile device. This is a mobile device that is dedicated to email and ping now has an affiliation with them that will help you become even more mobile in your social media updates. is a powerhouse for getting your message and brand out in the social media zone. That is the core of social media marketing.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Doug Firebaugh
Doug Firebaugh

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