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Social Media Marketing- The ONE THING that Matters in Web 2.0




Most folks that write and teach web 2.0 and Social media, including Alejandro Reyes ( and , do a fabulous job. and there are many others that i will be talking about here in the Social Blogster!

But the one thing that I have found that matters more than anything in social media marketing, is ADDING VALUE.

This one thing is the single most powerful facotr in creating new friends and keeping them engaged. It is what corporations must do in order to brand their message and products. It is what the author and blogger must do.

It is what YOU must do.

Simply put:


keep the Value to other people flowing in your social media eforts and you will see success that few dream of.

Value is what other people see as valuable. Make sure that your message and brand ADD VALUE to their lives and their deams as well. Solve a problem and they will follow you to the moon. Create an easier way to do something, you will find them looking forward to your communciations. Teach them HOW to do someting, they will read everything you send them as long as it CONTINUES to add value to their life and aspirations. THAT is the secret and the ONE THING that matters in social media.

Value Rules. 

 And that is the FIRST RULE you must learn in social media marketing.


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