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Social Media Marketing- The ONE Secret to Scorching HOT Copy




 I discovered this secret from a man about 15 years ago.

He was about 74 years old when we met.

He was a serious, poker faced man, until you got to know him. Then he was a teddy bear.

He was made of many things in his career. Buit one thing stood out.

Genius. Pure Genius when it came to writing copy and understanding the art of communication.

And genius was only the start to his profound gift of writing.

I had taken numerous courses about copywriting, as well as been doing it for quite sometime. I ran across this quiet genius  that had made millions as an ad executive, and we became good friends. He became a great mentor. This was 1993. He lived in Colorado Springs, where i was living at the time.

We became weekly lunch friends and I learned so much from him about writing copy. He was a master. He took my understanding of writing copy to a place that I never thought possible.

His name was Mr. Meisner.

One day we were at lunch and I asked him what THE Secret to scorching copy was.

I was surprised at his answer.

He looked at me and smiled and said, “Young man, most people think that it is the words you write. Some people say it the cadence and pace. Some people think it is the eloquence you speak. They are all right- and all wrong.”

“I discovered a secret a long time ago about writing copy and it has served me well all these years. made me millions as well as others. The most powerful secret to writing copy will surprise you, as it is so simple.”


“That is all you need. You must IMPACT people with your words and paint a picture and move them with your message. You have 5-10 seconds to move people. That means that you must hook them to read further. You do that will Impact statements, questions, words, thought provoking ideas, and comments. That is the most powerful secret to writing good copy. Stir their curiosity, emotions, dreams, or fear. But Impact them in some way.”

“I have a saying-Pull their eyeballs and hearts into your message. You will never go wrong.”

WOW! That is something we all could use in our copy. And we will be learning some powerful how to’s from him as well on ths sociamediablogster in the future!

THAT is a million dollar secret to blogging, writing articles, and ad copy in the social media wb 2.0 world!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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