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Social Media Marketing- The ONE Idea that Works Everytime




Some are worth millions.

Others are a Bust.

What makes a GREAT idea great in social media?



The ONLY GREAT idea in social media is the the kind that adds what I call “Jaw Dropping Value” to a person’s life and business. Does not have to be an original idea, as most ideas out there are versions of other ideas.

But it MUST include three things:

1) Unexpected Value.

Give them a freebie that no one is expecting and make that just as good as what they desire to purchase from you. CONNECT the 2 in such a way so they believe they got twice the value that they paid for.

2) Surprising Benefit.

Give them something that will include a benefit that will surprise them. Take a look at your message or product and then add something – an idea or a training- that will increase the perceived benefits for the prospect.

3) Follow Up with a Thank You.

Most people do NOT give a follow up with a thank you after a purchase. Not an email, call, or letter. YOU must create a follow up system and let them know you APPRECIATE thei interest in what you are doing, and want to do future business with them.

The ONE Idea that works every time is Jaw Dropping Value form you to the consumer.

Practice it and an explosion will occur in your social media marketing.

blessings…doug firebaugh

Linda Barbara

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