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Social Media Marketing- The ONE HUGE Mistake made in Social Media




I have not posted in a week.

I have had a brutal travel schedule the last week so I have not had time. No excuse! But it has been very hectic and the speaking schedule has been busy. But today I turn it around! I want to focus on something that I am observing in the social zone that is happening.

It is called the ONE HUGE MISTAKE!

I see it on , and many other sites that I am on. And it is something that can be avoided.


It is called  “Over Exposure without Value.”

Ok- what is that?

It is when someone is constantly being seen trying to make something in the social zone and NOT bringing Value to the conversation and people start getting tired of their messages.

It creates “Visibility Fatigue.”

Much like with President Bush or President Clinton, the US got TIRED of the incessant talk about them and just wanted them to go away. And politics may have played some into it, but Republicans got tired of Bush and Democrats got tired of Clinton.

So it can be with an Overexposed message with No Value.

There are some folks that you see everywhere but people do not seem to get tired of them.


They bring Extreme Value to everything they say and do.

People like   , , ,   and the list goes on. These folks bring VALUE to EVERYTHING and people look forward to hearing from them- again and again and again.

They do not “pitch” you every time they message or say something. They constantly bring conversation into the community that ADDS– not tries to take. Their message BRINGS- not tries to be SEEN.

And that is the difference between Successful Social Media folks- and not so successful.

 Successful folks seem to focus more on being Valuable– while less than successful folks seem to focus more on being Visible.


Valuable vs. Visible.

Your goal should be to provide Value FIRST and be Visible SECOND!

THERE is the critical difference between folks looking Forward to your Message, and people being Tired of your Message.

What can you do to market your message and NOT become a Victim of Overexposure?

Here are 5 things:

1) Give away something for FREE often and make it WORTH something and Usable

Do NOT save your best stuff for your CDs. Give something away that has TRUE VALUE and can be used.

2) Solve problems for people.

What challenges do your prospects have?  Give them multiple solutions and ideas and resources  like often does.

3) Reveal Little Known Information.

Research and find info that most people does not know exist and show them the way. That is called “Social Media Leadership” – directing folks to new possibilities for their life.

4) Suggest other people’s ebooks, CDs, blogs, and content.

Why do you think I constantly directing folks to other people’s content?   Social Media Leadership. And it HELPS folks discover new messages they do not know exists that has made a HUGE difference in my life.

5) Ask a very simple question- “Where’s the Beef?”

You remember Clara Peller in that famous Wendy’s commercial. It became a national slogan. It should be YOUR slogan in your social media marketing efforts. Yes, you can converse and keep it personal and Value is within the CONNECTION. But in your marketing broadcasts, “where’s the beef?” Make sure that the Value is:


Makes a Difference.

Is USABLE. (Much of what is out there is NOT.)

Are you making this HUGE Mistake of Exposure without Value?

I would suggest that you check your tweets, notes, Direct Messages, IMs, and marketing efforts and BEEF UP the Value in your social media marketing efforts.

blessings… doug firebaugh     (c) 2009/ all rights reserved

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