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Social Media Marketing- The New Look of Facebook- becoming twitterized





This is a different look.

going twitterized.

I guess it had to occur.

did it.

did it.

Many others are going to Real Time Messages.


Well, for one thing, twitter seems to be one of the most powerful social sites out there today, with media exposure off the hook for  many news channels.







And the list goes on.

Another reason is mobile usage.

Mobile messaging has become huge and facebook was losing out on many of its instant messaging real time useage.

And thirdly, had to move in a more real time focus, as most of the social networks and sites have real time messages that lifestream the members worlds.

Hmmmm….do I like it?

I find it entertaining to see what others are doing, but then, the ads start showing up as well. You know the spam disguised as messages and videos. That is one good thing about twitter …they do not seem to put up with much spam for long.

There are 2 good things that I see for social media marketing success concerning the new facebook look –

1  You can be seen more often now with the real lifestreaming going on, as well as the new sidebar has a feature that you can be seen and featured with your notes, videos, and photos you have taken.

2  It exposes you to folks that you may have forgotten about and need to reconnect with in a timely manner.

Any change needs to be looked at, and then critiqued for marketing potential and facebook is no exception. This is a VERY brief overview, and you may need to look it over to see how else they have redesigned the site. But overall, if you can get use to the twitter look, it really can be effective for marketing.

And also branding.  The real time messaging will make branding your message more easy and more quick,  and more consistent. You WILL be seen if you just send out status change messages every few minutes. Or send out a note. Or just comment on someone elses status. You will be seen  — in REAL TIME.

The new facebook home page may look more like twitter than  facebook, but it does work quite well for social media marketing.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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