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Social Media Marketing- The Incredible Marketing Power of Transparency




Many marketers today do NOT let people really know what their true intentions are.

Case in point: I get a call from someone asking me to possibly help them with their social media strategies. I have a particular consulting focus and it was within that focus and I said that we should discuss it.

Well…about 3 minutes into it, they start pitching me on a PPC program that I know is not that good. And they pitched…and pitched..and pitched. Finally, I said, “Why didn’t you from the beginning just try and sell me this versus wasting my time with a bait and switch?”

THAT would be refreshing.

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On the other hand, I received an email recently about a service that actually gave a couple of things about it that may not be what I need and was upfront about it. It did not put the product down, but simply said that these features may not be necessary for you. I thought that was refreshing. And the person also said that they were an affiliate with the company with full disclosure. They would make a profit from it and wanted me to know. Wow! Now THAT was Rocking Hot! I bought the service and like it very much. And the reason I purchased it?

The person was transparent and REAL.

People are looking for REAL people today in New Marketing. They are tired of the hacks out there that are simply hiding their real intentions and focus and creating a bait and switch.

What about you? Do you have a transparent focus and actions when you are marketing? Why should you bother? First off, it is part of the Social Media culture, whether for But it is also just integrity, which many folks seem to be lacking.

Transparency is a GREAT Success tool for marketers. It can help you in three powerful ways:

1) It builds immediate Trust and Connection.

People like people who are upfront and say what the true deal is. They respect the person that fully discloses that they are a part of something, or on a board, or own part of something. I have seen this many times with people like , and Va

If you want to really get a person’s attention, then become totally transparent and show you have nothing to hide- you believe that much in what your message says and what your product does. You will see a great impact on your efforts and future customers and business.

2) It shows that you are are operating in full Integrity, not just part.

Integrity in Social Media is everything. I have noticed in Internet marketing, which we do a LOT of, it seems to be somewhat lacking with some people. Social Media seems to be different. Integrity seems to be more of a focus.

That is HOT! Because no matter what people say, they want Integrity from the person they are doing business with, reading,listening to, or watching. Integrity also has an amazing impact on your BRANDING. If you get known to be a person of integrity, your brand will increase dramatically out in the marketplace.

Become transparent- and you will be known and Branded for your integrity.

3) People are DRAWN TOWARDS what they perceive as OPENESS and Truth.

That is all transparency is in marketing- a MAGNET. Transparency draws people towards you, and into what your message says. I was reading recently a post by , about what draws people towards you, and she mentioned that Truth always works. Amen! And becoming transparent in a way that IMPACTS people with the Truth of who you are and what your company is about and doing in the marketplace, will SET YOU APART from the other marketers who for whatever reason, do not operate with such transparency.

Transparency is a POWER that marketers can use to show that they have nothing to hide- and are NOT fearful of the word NO. I started this blog 3 months ago- and the only reason is that I wanted to provide some unique content for the social media arena as well as the Home Business professional- and also to see if there was a possibility of meeting some of the “big names” through the blog posts.

Why? I admire them and would love to be able to provide the power they provide in this amazing social media zone. And- so far, I have had numerous of what I guess could be considered the “big names” come by and connect. . (hi Shama!)  Va (this lady is one of the nicest people that walks this earth), among many others.

And that has made my writing more fun for me, as it shows that although this blog currently has only a few subscribers-(NOTE: but blessed with LOTS of readers on facebook, myspace, wetpaint, squidoo, etc) it is getting folks to take a look at the content and hopefully is helping some people. My goal is to have thousands of subscribers by the end of 2009. We have a TON of subs on our training ezine- so hopefully will here. Maybe the Lord will bless the efforts! What I just wrote- is being transparent. And I hope that YOU as a marketer can see the power in it.

4) Transparency carries with it IMPACT that people FEEL and are Moved by.

Marketers as a whole want to move people to think a certain way, and to feel a certain way, and to act a certain way. In Social Media marketing, that is the bullseye – if you can move people to do that in the way that creates a success for you and the prospect. if you offer full disclosure and are REAL with people, you will find that people can FEEL that and are MOVED by that- instead of the same old pitch they get a hundred times a day.

How about, “This is why that I am writing you, as I am a marketer and believe very much that this product can help millions of people. It is fairly priced and would love to get you to take a look at it, and tell what you feel about it. Yes, I will profit from it, but so will you with the Value that it offers.”

I wrote exactly that in a series of emails i sent out testing it with a training product. I could not believe the response. I got a LOT of emails back saying that the approach was refreshing and they appreciated the honesty. Conversion rate? about 22%. Not bad for a test on being transparent and open.

5) Transparency Lowers the Natural Resistance walls People often have.

If you want to reduce Resistance in your marketing efforts, become transparent in your social media efforts. If you want to reduce the number of Nos and increase the number of yeses, become transparent. if you want to Connect with people in way that is immediate, become transparent. If you want to reduce the number of visitors leaving your site without purchasing anything- become real and let people see through you and know who you are It will reduce the natural resistance people have to marketers and marketing messages.

Does that go against the old ways of marketing? Yes, and I am sure that there are some folks that will argue the point. But if you are going to be in New Marketing, that is one of the foundational principles.

Practice Transparency.

 It will only work in your favor. One warning though- do NOT be stupid about it and talk people out of the sale or message. I have seen this before when it taken to an extreme and it works against you.   One person made a list of all the bad things about their product- and made not one sale. if you have to do that- find another product to market.

Just be upfront, and as a marketer, make sure that you operate in full disclosure, and integrity with telling and showing you have nothing to hide. And you will be glad that the Marketing Power of Transparency will be adding fuel to your Social Media Marketing efforts.

blessings…doug firebaugh  (c) 2009/ all rights reserved

Linda Barbara

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