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Social Media Marketing- The Incredible Magnetic Power of New Information




What is the REAL pulling power in the Connection with people regarding Social Marketing?

What is THE Magnet with people that draw them to you like  a magnet on steroids?


It is one of the most powerful assets that a business has and people are relentlessly looking for.

But not just ANY information.

It must be “Sought after Information” that people are hungry for and looking for.

This type of information is what social media is driven by. It could be information about an entertainer and highly searched oin the web. It could be “how tos” that people are looking for that they need to do s certain thing. It could be information that is generally not known and hard to find. Or it could be information as simple as a recipe.

Sought After Information is THE Magnet to linkbait.

Sought After Information is THE Viral Marketing Catalyst.

Sought After Information is THE Golden Asset that you have that you must promote out in the social media zone so prospects and people can have access to it.

There is a HUGE mistake that I see already in the social media zone:

And in some instances it is becoming an epidemic.

SWOI stands for Same Warmed Over Information  that has no Impact or fresh feel to it.

Everyone seems to be saying the same thing- in many circles. I call it “social rehash.” And what people are looking for is NEW, FRESH, CATALYZING Content that takes them places, not takes them for granted.

What unique and new information do you have in your message and conversation that can be seen as Fresh and does these 4 things:

  • Opens up people’s eyes to something they did not know or realize before?
  • Teaches someone HOW to do something easier, and more effectively?
  • Entertains and Encourages people and brings a smile to a person’s face?
  • Moves the person closer to trusting you and doing business with you?

These 4 things are critical if you want to move and do business in the Information Zone in Social Media.

The Power of sought after Information is HUGE and with it’s weight in gold. Many people have great, fresh content, andf it would take a long post to just name a few.  But if you become known as a “Highly Sought After Information Carrier, “ you will see such an amazing uptick to your social media efforts and success that it will stun you.

People are seeking in the social media  zone:

  • Community.
  • Conversation.
  • Connectiion.
  • Content.

if you have powerful sought after content in your message and marketing actions, Community, Conversation, and Connection will be flooding into your social media marketing efforts.

Linda Barbara

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