Social Media Marketing- The 7 Types of Bloggers

In Social Media, there has been a lot written about blogging.  

 A ton. And it seems to keep getting more popular and accepted as a new media. It does not matter if you have a small business, home business, or work for a business, blogging is huge and getting bigger.

I have been studying blogging and have been blogging as well for about 4 years. I have found that there are 7 types of bloggers that operate in the blogoshere from likes of Chris Brogan to Copyblogger to problogger. These are three of the most read blogs in the world. And they too fall into one of these 7 types of bloggers.

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Therre are many conversations going on out in the blogosphere, especially after the elections. But what are the 7 types and which one are you?

1) The News Blogger.

This is a blogger whose blog has newsfeeds and updates you on news and editorials about the news. You saw these all over the place during the elections.

2) The Opinion Blogger.

This is a blogger that is more focused on giving the opinions and rants of the blogger and many times can create controversy- a great thing in blogging if done right. Controversy can draw a lot of eyes looking at your posts.

3) The Training How To Blogger.

This blogger has more of a how to blog, and educates and teaches the how tos of whatever the blogger is wriing about. Yes, they can give their opinion and use it for other things-but it is basically a  how to focus. Most blogs today have some format of a howto focus- and these seem to be hugely popular.

4) The Shopping Blogger.

There are some bloggers that are great for exposing great deals and great shopping pricing. These blogs are very popular and can save folks a lot of money when they are looking for the best deal they can find for a particular item.

5) The Corporate Blogger.

This is the blogger that blogs for a corporation (which there are many) and gets the corporate name out in the new media. This is a powerful way to communicate with your customers and clients.

6) The Personal Blogger.

This blogger has a personal blog and writes about whatever they feel like at the moment. Personal blogs are very popular with the college students, as well as people who simply want to keep their friends in the loop. Many celebrities use a personal blog to keep in touch with their fans.

7) The Social Media Junkie Blogger.

This is the blogger that just LOVES Social Media and simply blogs because of their passion for the new media. They have a passion for the new sites-so they write about it.  They have a passion for youtube, twitter, or facebook, or the newer social media like moli and orkut. But they LOVE Social Media, so they blog about it because that is THEIR passion.

Which one are you? Most bloggers are “hybrid” bloggers that actually do more than one thing with their blog. Define which one you are.

The How To blog seems to be the most popular- and is my passion to write about. Hope this gave you something to think about in your efforts for Social Media Marketing.


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