Social Media Marketing- The 5 Social Media Lessons We Can Learn from Michael Jackson

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Wow. What a Shock.

It was really sad that Michael Jackson passed away.

His was a genius at what he did. He sang, dance, moved, and blew people’s minds. He gave to the world what no one had ever done before.

And within that gift lies some Social Media Lessons that we can learn from him. Michael was somewhat of a sad figure in the end due to his legal woes and other issues, but his musical genius cannot be denied.

What can we learn for social media from his genius we can all embrace and utilize to bring out the social media genius in all of us. After all, we all know how to be social- it is what comes after that – that we can learn from Michael.

What are the 5 Social Media Lessons we can learn from MJ?

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1) You must build a very loyal audience that embraces you and your subject everytime.

No one had a more loyal following and audience than MJ. Across the world he built a following that never went away no matter what happened. We must do the same thing. We in social media and if you have your own business, must build a following that will look at and engage anything that we send their way because they like what we do, and like who we are.

It takes time to build that audience. It took Michael years to build that audience-from 1970 to the early 80s. But he built it and never lost it. THAT is what we need to do. And understand that your audience in social media will not be built overnight. It may take a couple if years. Ask Chris Brogan and Scott Monty. It did not happen overnight for them.

2) You must develop your own “Moon Walk.”

MJ electrified the world when her first did his “moon walk” on TV in front of 50 million folks. And it was the talk of the world for weeks. He set a standard of originality and branding with the “moon walk” that even today, has not been matched in the entertainment world. He truly looked beyond what had been done up until that point, and embraced something totally new.

That is much like social media. Many still have not embraced it. But you need to develop your own “moon walk” message.

A message is unique and different that people will take notice and talk about it and virally market it. Your message cannot be a “me too” message. It must be a “Me One” message that YOU own and can develop into a great brand.

Your “moon walk” message will take you into the stratosphere if you let it. Go beyond what has been done. Do not be afraid to be different and even “on the edge.” That is where social media success is and MJ stayed.

3) You must in Social Media be Highly Visible – like MJ was in the media.

MJ was everywhere. He was on TV. He was on the radio. He was in the newspapers. He was in the magazines. He was a marketing machine with his image. You need to become a marketing machine with your message.

You need to be on the blogs, podcast sites, social networking sites, video sites, chat sites, article sites, and beyond. It is not enough in social medias to be visible. You must be HIGHLY Visible with a Hot message and content that people are drawn towards.

Michael had great content- his songs. You must have great content in your posts, vids, audios, and conversations.

Be Highly Visible – in a GOOD way. MJ became too visible with his court cases. make sure your visibilty is POWERFUL and POSITIVE and helps folks in many ways. Be everywhere and make sure yuour messsage is with you. MJ was a genius at that.

4) You must be willing to push the envelope beyond the accepted boundaries like MJ did.

Michael kept coming out with radical new videos and songs. Take the song “Black or White.” At the end, faces morphed into other faces. In the 80s when that happened, it blew people away. The video was filmed in over 7 countries. And it had a message that hit people between the eyes.

Another song he did that with was “Thriller.” This was the first “mini movie” on MTV. The original version was 12 minutes long and it blew people away because of the dance moves- and the plot that was behind it. The makeup was amazing as well.

MJ was not afraid to move beyond the accepted norms of music and music videos.

You must be willing to get out of your comfort zone and push your own envelope. Do not be limited to nwhat social media is today. Where is it going to be 5 years from now? Imagine that. Then start moving towards it. Push your own talents and skills. Ask “What is NOT being done in Social media and why isn;t it?” THEN start moving beyond what most people are doing to increase the Value of your message and products.

Michael lived that. Pushing the envelope constantly.

So should we all be doing that daily. Do a different kind of video. Write a different kind of post. Record a different kind of podcast. STRETCH yourself beyond the accepted social media limits.

THAT is where genius is born.

5) You must be constantly re crafting and retooling your message to keep it fresh and relevant like MJ did with his music and videos.

MJ was all the time re crafting his talent and message. He went from “Off the Wall,” to “Billie Jean,” to “Thriller,” to “”Bad,” to “Black or White,” to “You are not Alone.”  Each song and video GREW past the last one. Each message was more powerful than the last one. Each video forced the audience to grow with it as well.

THAT is what we all need to do in social media. It is called LEADERSHIP. Taking the lead when no one else will to take people where no one else dares. That was Michael Jackson. He was constantly studying, growing, and retooling his craft for a more powerful impact each song and each video.

We need to do the same. We need to retool our message often, and refine it, so the impact of our message is fresh, relevant, and has staying power like MJ had. THAT is social media marketing.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Doug Firebaugh
Doug Firebaugh

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  3. I need lots of help. It just seems that I am spinning wheels. I need to get my website visible. I am a Youngevity Managing associate and need to take it to the next level. This would be great if I could do this with the internet. Thank you for your time.

  4. The best thing you should do about social media is to be remarkable. You have to come up with an idea of what people are more likely to see. It should be given a massive importance for promoting your site or business through social media channels. One of this is Twitter, it has given a new look to social media in terms of traffic building.

    Media Samurai

  5. Great post, Doug, on taking actionable strategies from the greatest entertainer in my lifetime!

    RE: creating your own “Moonwalk”… how do you find is the best way to test if your message is “ME ONE” and not a ‘me too’ message? I do surveys to find what people are looking for, and I think an exit poll after autoresponder sequence if they haven’t bought after opt-in is a good way to test the traditional media.

    This can be a great topic for a separate blog post as well perhaps. Look forward to your thoughts sir!

    David Newby

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