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Social Media Marketing- The 5 Reasons You Need to “Group UP” in Social Media




finally bit the bullet and created a groups search structure on their site and it has made a huge difference in the ability of being able to locate groups that are of interest to you.

Many sites, from , to , to have a great group structure and this has given the social media user a chance to do what we call “GROUP UP.”

Are you doing that?


Are you ‘Grouping Up” and taking advantage of the groups and people that are members of those groups? I have joined a LOT of groups on many social sites and have seen an increase in social traffic that was unexpected. It is another reason that you need to Group Up and join groups. Groups have many advantages, from being able to learn from others, to a sense of community. And there are tens of thousands of groups out in the social media arena!

But another available opportunity is for you to FORM a group that you run, promote, and control. This will put you in a Leadership position that will GROW you and also create a Leadership focus as you grow the group.

What are the 5 Reasons why you should Group Up in Social Media?

1) Groups will increase your REACH in Social Media.

What is REACH in social media? It is your ability to REACH OUT and connect with people. Groups open up a whole new ability to REACH people that you ordinarily would not reach. Inc reasing your REACH is critical in socail media marketing.

2) Groups will Increase your ability to Communicate.

Yiu can send messages out to those that are members of the groups that you join. And your communication will be accepted for the most part as members know that you are a part of something they are.

BUT- make sure that you do not abuse this. Send out messages that Inform and Impact- not sell.  Messages need to be of VALUE and not just a possible transaction for you. Value rules in social media groups.

3) Groups will position you for a higher Visibility Role online.

Forming your own group will position you and elevate you to a higher perceived role in social media. It will increase dramatically your visibility on the social site, and even more if you promote the new group. Promoting the new group will increase exposure for the group and anyone else that is a part of it and participating in it with posts, videos, and conversation.

Group Up and increase who sees you and the numbers who can communicate with you.

4) Grouping Up will Connect you with Like Minded people that are more likely to be who YOU are looking for.

People that join groups have things in common. Photographers groups have photography in common. Car buff groups have cars in common. Social Media Marketing groups have social media in common. There is a commonality there that brings people together. THIS alone makes connecting and communicating with people so much easier as you share a common interest and you can connect based upon that interest and not just connecting for another friend or follower.

LinkedIn has many groups now and you can post notes and messages on those groups walls. I do nthis all the time and get a LOT of response from it.


People read it because I have something in common with them and they want to see what I am saying about the topic that we all have in common.

5) Grouping Up will give you the ability to create an Event for the group and invite them.

I have found that people that are members of groups are more likely to attend an event that is GROUP FOCUSED than an event that is just another invitation. This gives you an AUDIENCE for that event, and also the ability to take the group to a more powerful and intimate level- the telephone or webinar. This gives you the ability to interact with the members of the group and become more “human” with a voice and also a face.

And you can take that to a whole new level with a local “Meet Up” and actually MEET face to face people that are in a group that are in your local area. This gives you an amazing advantage in connecting with people and getting to know them personally. And this also makes marketing to them or their local contacts much easier.

How would this work?

a) Search Engines on social sites and look up people in your local area.

b) Go their profile and look to see if they are a part of any group.

c) If they are, take a look at that group and see if it is something that you need to be a part of.

d) Join  the group and then connect with that person in the group and start a conversation.

e) Invite them to a local meetup after you feel connected with them and comfortable enough to do that.

Or you can do it this way:

a) Go to the social site’s search engine and put the keyword for your interest, and search-groups (if group search is available. if not, search for groups on people’s profile pages.)

b) Look at the group page, and join it.

c) Start researching people in the group that are in your local area.

d) Connect with them by friending them or following them, and start a conversation.

e) Eventually invite them to a meet up and connect face to face.

“Grouping Up” is a powerful way to Increase your Visibility and Leadership over night, and connect with people that you have something in common with. You will find this is all part of an effective Social Media marketing plan and Social Media Leadership.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2009/ all rights reserved

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