Social Media Marketing- The 5 Most Powerful Words in Social Media

But a powerful one.

Social Media is getting more popular by the minute. Folks are jumping aboard like liferafts from a sinking ship. And people seem to really be connecting to the whole social media zone.

But whether you own a home business or a traditional business, you need to know the 5 most powerful words in social media marketing.


No exceptions when it comes to marketing and business.

Many have a different set of words. But those are the ones that are struggling and don’t get it.

Ok- what are those words?


Simple -to the point- and bullseye for marketing.

Think “Waitress-ology Marketing.”

Think “Your interests before mine Marketing.”

Think “It ain’t about me – but YOU marketing.”


Today, New Marketing is NOT about selling.

It is about serving.

New Marketing is NOT about products.

It is about People.

New Marketing is NOT about Profits.

But Possibilites that most never knew existed through messages and programs that help educate the prospect on your products and benefits.

New Marketing is NOT about Hype.

But Hope through helping others.

New Marketing is NOT about Pressure.

It is about Presence -and a powerful one in Social Media.

New Marketing is NOT about a transaction.

But a TRANSITION to a New way to Think and Do Business – that will multiply your transactions.

“How may I Serve you?”

blessings…doug firebaugh

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