Social Media Marketing- The 4 Things Business Owners are Looking for

THAT is a fact undeniable.

YOU must help them find it and create it in new ways and new places.

But they are also looking for 4 other things. Surprisingly, many business folks are changing their focus and looking in  new directions for business as well as possibilities.

And  they are looking to social media to deliver the goods.

What are the 4 things that business owners are looking for?


1) New Ideas.

Business owners are looking for new ideas for their business. They are looking for new ideas for marketing, management, PR, advertising, prospecting, and many other areas as they are realize that things are changing and they need to change with it.

Give them NEW IDEAS with your content, blog posts, videos, and podcasts, and how to utilize social media to access NEW ideas for their business as well as your ideas and products you market for solving their challenges.


Business owners today are doing  something that most never  did before–seeking new solutions to old problems in new places and with new people.  And social media seems to be just the answer for many of them and what they are looking to accomplish. Many are looking for solutions that traditional answers no longer seem to answer. And the power of social media is an answer that many are embracing.

Provide solutions for stronger relationships, more prospects, customer service via social media, communication on a broader scale, connecting with groups and  niches, and expanding exposure beyond what they have done in the past. This will work for your business as well.


Many business owners are looking today for new markets, and social media can create a whole new market place that they never knew existed. Dell computers found out that social media can open up markets you never even dreamed of. And quickly too. There are many companies that are increasing their business dramatically- through social media.

They are offering coupons, free trials, free samples, one day sales, referral fees, contests, video discounts, link discounts, launching new products on and  interview specials, and many other new social media concepts that have opened up new markets with people that have never bought their products before.

Get them in new marketplaces- and keep them there…you do the same.


Talk profits to a business professional. Present profits to a business owners. Breathe profits to a business owner when talking social media. That is what they understand and keep their eyes focused on.

Show how social media can produce new profits and new revenue streams for the  company through new creative exposure tactics, new communication strategies, new media possibilties,  with social media and all it offers. Show them how it can help save you money on much of the prospecting costs that are so much a part of the marketing of any business today.

Show them what the CORE DRIVERS are of social media and how those drivers help drive Success towards the business consistently and powerfully using social media marketing for home business and traditional business as well.

blessings…doug firebaugh