Social Media Marketing- The 4 Levels of Value of a Social Media Value Merchant

Yes, I know.

I disappeared again.

Been on the road and whew- 12 cities in 6 weeks speaking. Lots going on. Consulting. Starting another New Business. Moving into bigger offices and warehouse space. Losing my mind. LOL. But am back to writing.

Am sitting here on the dock at lake twitter on Memorial Day Weekend and thinking about the Core of any home business and social media. I have been thinking about this for a couple of days, and thought I would write a short post on the 4 levels of Value that i have found in social media and how it impacts the social sphere.


Value reigns supremely in social media.


No exceptions.

If you do not bring some form of Value to the conversation, you have missed it. I have tried to bring much Value to all i do and sometimes I miss the mark, but for the most part, it has been a great attempt.

We need to define “Value.” What is it? Simple. Anything that a person perceives as Valuable to them. Something that adds to, enlarges, teaches, directs, increases, and stirs the emotions, happiness, and possibilities in a person’s life. Sounds good.

That is what you do in social media. Adds Value and lots of it to people’s lives.

There are those “Value Merchants” out there in the social sphere, like , , , and many more, including my bud who is setting the social sphere onfire with new, great writings and thinking, and who is becoming a rising star and social media princess who rocks the training world.

Are you a Value Merchant in Social Media? Do you bring Value that IMPACTS people- not just seeks something?

There are 4 levels of Value i have found in Social Media Marketing today and a Value Merchant always is cognizant of the level they are on and the level they are shooting for.

What are the 4 levels?

1) Typical Value.

This is the Value that everyone expects. This is minimum value you need to be taken seriously in social media. This is Value that is at least worth reading, and worth paying attention to. Typical Value can be found all over the social sphere, and people read the posts and listen to the podcasts, and view the videos, but then move on.

That is the response to Typical Value- consume and then move on. Tough to build a following with this level of Value.

2) Unexpected Value.

This is when you really get some one’s attention. When you have unexpected Value in a video, post, or podcast, it Stirs people and makes them pay attention. It FORCES them to FOCUS on your message as the Value of the content is so good that is takes them by surprise. It helps them, and draws them in to take notice of you and your message.

That is the response of Unexpected Value- you get their attention and it forces them to pay attention to you and and your message- EVERYTIME you send one out.

3) Talked About Value.

This is what I call “Have You Heard of….?” Value. This is where you are creating such a Value that the BUZZ starts and people start talking about your message. I have seen this a lot in the social media sphere last 3 years, and it has been cool to watch. Folks that are virtually unknown become start. had 10 readers on his blog 4 years ago- and now is THE go to guy in social media marketing and indeed has become a superstar in the social sphere with hundreds of thousands of readers. People talk about Chris all the time, and you can find his tweets discussed hundred of times. THAT is talked about Value and Value that IMPACTS people with great content and stirring thoughts.

Thought Leaders today in social media START at this level.

That is the response of Talked About Value–Being noticed because you bring Value that is so much, that people are talking about you and getting you noticed for the Value you bring to people’s lives.

4) Multiplied Value.

Ahhhh. This is the mother lode of Value. This where you have given so much Value in a post, video, article, or program that people do not just talk about it-they MULTIPLY it.


By sending it out and telling people “you gotta read/see this.”

That is the Response of Multiplied Value–They are not just talking ABOUT you- but TALKING FOR YOU.

They are MULTIPLYING Youe MESSAGE it holds such Value. You have your own personal press army out there getting your message out to thousands and tens of thousands of people because they are so touched by your Value and Message that they have to share it, and send it.

THAT is the bullseye of social media marketing. When the Value is so great that people want to SHARE IT and SEND IT to everyone they know in the social sphere.

Hit them hard with How Tos’ Little Know info on what thir interests are, Transforming Thoughts about what they are doing, New Social Sites, Directions, New Ideas, Possibilities, and New Focuses that ADD, INCREASE, MULTIPLY, and TRANSFORM who they are and what they are doing. THAT will get noticed and multiplied by a ton of people.

Where are you in the 4 levels of Value? Are you a Value Merchant or a Value Maniac?

I am a Certified, Card Carrying, Tshirt wearing, Bull horn blowing VALUE MANIAC. My obsession is VALUE in every piece of Content we put out that drops jaws and moves people.

What kind of Value Merchant are YOU in social media?

Let Value drive your message. Make sure your Value and Message and Content bring so much Value to the masses they are Moved to Multiply the Message.

THAT is social media marketing.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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