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Social Media Marketing-The 3 Rules of “Capsule Conversations”




Social Media Marketing is part:

  • Connection.
  • Conversation.
  • Community.
  • Construction.

But in this growing online marketing zone, you must understand the concept of ‘Capsule Conversations” that take place on a more intimate level, and on a more powerful platform in marketing. Marketing on social sites is evolving right before our eyes, and and it is evolving like a baby learning to walk. It has had it’s successes, and not so successful results.

But if you study and understand the psychology of marketing on social sites, you probably have noticed that there are many conversations that are “capsuled” and are between one or two people, and not the masses.

THAT is a difference that many marketers are having a challenge with. They like the “shotgun approach” to marketing and not the Laser Approach that requires Capsule Conversations.

But Laser approach on social sites are hugely powerful. It is an intimate approach to talking with people about who they are and what they are looking for.

That is a Capsule Conversation. it is the short version of a marketing conversation that carries power within it to market quickly and faster than perhaps a broadcast ad in a magazine. it surely is more intimate and impactful.

There are three rules to a social “Capsule Conversation.”

1) Keep the conversation focused on what they are focused on, not you marketing something.

Your product will have it’s chance to be exposed, but  not during the iniital connection between you and your new social audience. Listen, Learn, Look, and Let their agenda become your agenda -as you are there to serve them.

2) Keep the conversation focused on what they are looking to change in their daily routine, lifestyle, and living.

I can tell you from experience, if you do NOT do this, the conversation will never move towards a marketing topic. Everyone has pain-find theirs- and then help bring a solution to it with your message. LOOK for the marketing opening, and be patient. But do NOT force it. Let is happen naturally.

3) Do NOT move the conversation too soon to YOUR message-as they may reveal things that could increase your marketing to them.

They have firends and family. Have you taken the time to learn about them and possibly see if they have some “life pain” too? This requires a focused and personal conversation with your prospect and totally encapsulates THEIR life environment, so you can help them improve and enlarge it.

Marketing on social sites is a fast moving and fast growing business environment. But the conversations are much more “capsuled” and focused on an audience of one-two-or three and not a mass audience for your social marketing.

That audience will come and multiply as a result of your Capsule Conversations (intimate and focused) with your prospects telling theri friends and family , and their friends and family, for yout social media marketing message, products, and success.


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