Social Media Marketing- The 3 Reason Why the Word NO…Builds Millionaires


I have found that it is the greatest business building tool for ANY business

and it helps you in many ways that most people are not aware of.

It is also the greatest force for producing Millionaires in business.


Now THAT is a re framing of something! NO’s are the secret to Millionaires?


Millionaires have figured out a Secret that most have not.

The word NO literally costs you NOTHING if you get one.

Zip. Nada. Zilch.


Why not ask every person you know to listen to you and your message?

Even if they say NO you still end up with what you started with! You have lost NOTHING!

And on top of that- the word NO has tremendous VALUE for your Success in your business.

There are so many reasons why NO is a powerful word for Success- but here are three reasons why that it will help you create more enduring Success than YES will.

1) The word NO FORCES YOU to GROW.

You have no choice. You MUST grow bigger than the word NO or you will never move past it.

NO forces you to GROW- or GO.

Either you grow more powerful than the emotional impact the word has- or you will GO the way of everyone else who has been stopped by it. NO is nothing more than an opinion or a question. It is an opinion because many folks assume the wrong thing and say NO or it is a person’s way to position themselves for asking a question.

AND if you do not GROW past the NO- you will never move past where you are in life today.

NO means “Next One” and move on to getting closer to a YES.

2) The word NO creates a “DECISION Position.”

YOU have to make a Decision with the word NO. You must decide- “Do I let it stop me-or do I embrace it as what it is- an opinion- and not be emotionally influenced by it?”

ALL Success starts with DECISION and most never decide in life.

They choose… and then change their mind..

NO forces you to decide to either keep going and move past it or keep letting it a barrier to all Success.

And let’s be REAL- no one is crazy about the word no- but it is MORE important to Success than YES is.



It not only puts you in a position that you MUST decide on how you are going to respondto it, but also will help you develop the habit of making decisions- the TRUE mark of a Leader and a Success soaked winner.

3) The word YES catalyzes the paycheck- the word NO determines the Amount.


YES creates the paycheck process and the ability for everyone to get paid.

NOTHING happens until something is SOLD. It starts the ball rolling and in any business or home business, it is what people focus on and long to hear.

But the word NO GROWS your Skill set and abilities. Every NO grows you a little stronger, makes you a little better, makes you a little more focused, makes you a lot more aware of the word YES and NO helps you like weight lifting does.

The emotional weight of the word NO forces you to LIFT OFF the impact and makes you stronger in every conversation, every presentation, and every sponsoring effort.

And it is your SKILL SET that has the most bearing on your results.

NO sharpens your skill set like a fine edged knife sharpener and gets you ready to slice through every negative… effortlessly.

The word YES creates the paycheck but the word NO will always determine the amount.

And what will always determine the Success you have… is the determination and skill set you have combined with effective actions- ALL grown, improved and enlarged by the word NO.

Use this formula..

YES = CREATE and NO = $$$

Plain and simple.

How many NOs a person gets will determine the Success that person gets or does not get. if you get a LOT of NO’s- you are going to get a LOT of YESES as well.

Never fear the word NO. Love it. Embrace it.

Look at it as an ATM Machine and and it is there for your usage.

If YOU control the impact the word NO has on you… you will control the impact your paycheck will have on your bank account.


There are several SPECIAL training resources for you!

blessings…doug firebaugh