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Social Media Marketing- The 3 New Rules of Conversation




Combined you have what is called Conversation-both offline and online.

Conversation has been something that most of us have been very good at, and have found it natural to do.

Some are good at it.

Some are really good at it.

Until we go online and in the social media sphere.


 It seems some folks wack out and lose all sense of conversation and communication. I saw someone recently send out numerous messages on and twitter and all it was, was a big sales pitch. and i were facebooking back and forth about how new home business owners and online entrepreneurs throw up on their connections trying to get them to listen to them.

Then i remembered what we taught in a facebook class last year and wanted to share that with you. Hope this helps in understanding how to hold a conversation in the social sphere.

I did a consulting job with a company recently and found that there folks were like volcanoes throwing up in the social sphere “hurry hurry step right up-step this way” – and I just shook my head.

THAT is not how you communicate in the social sphere. It is a social CONVERSATION- where 2 flows of ideas happen that are related to one focus and that is what is being discussed. Seems that all some folks want to do is create a one way flow and then expect you to act on it.

NOT gonna happen.

Here are three very simple rules for social media conversation:

1) VALUE is the key to any conversation-so soak it with Value so the person you are talking to-will talk about your conversation to others.

THAT is a big secret.

You want them talking about YOUR conversation with them because of what they learned, felt, or experienced. Get people excited and wanting to talk to you again because of what they took away from the conversation.

2)  ASK what is important to people and what they are looking for online and in social media-and talk about that.

Many business as well as home business owners talk about what THEY are looking for in social media. Keep your eyes and ears off of you, and out them on the person you are talking with. Find out what they are really looking for in social media. Ask them about why they are on it and how can you help them obtain what they are looking for.

Then help them.

Talk is cheap.

Help them and become their hero.

3) ALWAYS tell them how much you have enjoyed this conversation and thank them for their connection.

People will remember more of the emotion they took away form a conversation then the words. Get them feeling good and warm fuzzies about talking to you. Thank them and tel them you know you appreciate their time and you enjoyed LISTENING to their communication.

Then the last word they should see and read from you- is their NAME.

“Thanks for the time- see you Nancy.”  Or “Enjoyed it- lets chat later Tom.”

This will create a great emotional connection that they will take away from your social media conversation.

These are 3 little rules for social media conversation but will rock your world in social media marketing.

blessings…doug firebaugh


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