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Social Media Marketing- The 3 Biggest Reasons Fortune 500 Companies are going Social




Lots of Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller ones are FINALLY discovering social media works and it is for real.


Million Dollar Question:

What took them SO LONG?


Look at the news organizations.


Fox News.

NBC News.

Take a look at Fortune 500 companies using social media.


Southwest Airlines.


And the list is long and getting longer.

What has happened? What opened their eyes and changed their minds? People like from Ford figured it out 2 years ago.

What took the others so long?

Easy answer. There are 3 main reasons that I believe this has happened:

1) They were losing out on NEW money.

Fortune 500 companies were seeing other more social friendly companies starting campaigns with social media that brought new monies into the coffers. And it was consistent and NEW. And after these companies posted about their Success, the other folks said , “Uh oh.”

The rest is history.

2) Mainstream news and sports did the advertising.

The CEOs of the companies were watching sports and shows and seeing the media personalities giving out their twitter and facebook accounts. After seeing this for so long- BAMMMO!  They caught the reality of what social media was doing in the marketplace.

3) Critical Mass started forming.

Fortune 500 companies for the most part, have never been one for leading the way. Most are slow to change. But when critical mass starts to happen and it appears your company is losing out if you are not a part- they move. Critical mass has started forming for social media in the marketplace, and Fortune 500 companies are starting to realize it.

But thank God for folks like at Ford who were way ahead of the curve and started getting ahead of the social media bandwagon- and it has proven to be quite profitable for them.

These are the three reasons why Fortune 500 Companies are getting more Social and “Going Social.” This could help you as well in your social media marketing/

blessings…doug firebaugh

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