Social Media Marketing- The 2 Types of People in Social Media During a Recession

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Which One are You?

There is much talk today about a “recession” and all that goes along with it. Just listen to the radio and watch TV, read the newspaper, and look on the internet.

But then, I do not really pay that much attention to any of those, as i know where I stand with this so called “recession.”

How about you?

Where do you stand?

How do you feel about it?

What are your plans for it?

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If you think about it, there are certain people in the world that will thrive in the midst of all this economic “woe is me the sky is falling” talk. How about you? Are you buying into this lockstep economic fear talk?

I know.

You may think that I am crazy, and am not living in “reality.”

But I am. Very much so.

 And I am hoping that you will join me after reading this. As you will see, there are options in the world that you may not realize.

I was on the computer this morning, and ran across a screaming new headline, ‘Recession deepens and the world economy is impacted.” Ok. tell me something POSITIVE that will move my life forward, and move my business upward. But alas, as the story went on, the world is coming to a financial crisis that I believe much of it is being manufactured and enlarged by the media.


Powerful, Super Negative  news sell newspapers and broadcast airtime 100 to 1. You read that right. 100 to 1.  Ultimately, the media is in BUSINESS to make a profit. And with the lack of profit today with newspapers and TV and radio,  there seems to be a major move to SUPER NEGATIVE NEWS so that they can sell more papers and air time to hopefully create more profits.

You may think I am crazy?

Nope- that is the Truth.

So being that as it is, here is my question:

Are you falling for all this “the sky is falling” news? Yes, i known there is a challenge with the economy. I have not stuck my head in the sand. But i know something that may change your thinking about this whole thing – especially in Social Media.

In marketing, it is called “Strategic Positioning.”

Let me explain.

There are only 2 types of people that are in the world concerning this so called ‘recession:”

1) Those who decide to PARTICIPATE in this “recession.”

2) Those who decide NOT TO PARTICIPATE in this “recession.”

Yes, we all have that choice or decision. But the real secret lies within the word “participate.”

One of the Greek root word definitions for “participate” means “to Position.”  This means that you must choose a position – to either Join something- or NOT Join something. To Embrace something-or NOT Embrace something. To Connect to something- or NOT to Connect to something. ALL those words- “join,” “embrace,”and “connect,” are part of the root word “participate.” All require personal CHOICE or DECISION.

YOU can refuse to participate in this “recession,” and move forward in social media, with a focus that will take your business and life to new heights.

How does that work?


Here is an ancient  truism; “What your mind focuses on intensely, has a tendency to move your life towards.”  No, this is not some new age psycho-babble. This is an ancient Success Rule- “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he…” Your mind has a tendency to move your life towards people, circumstances, and things that will help create that focus in your life. We do not know how it works, only God does. But it works.

When you make a decision, it “shifts” something on the inside. People FEEL that shift and respond to it. They FEEL a direction that is more appealing to them than what they have been travelling many times.

Yes, there are the “victims” of the world and like complaining and moaning,  but you do NOT have to be a victim. You are not CALLED to be. You are called in Social Media to be on the cutting edge of thinking, and a higher level of belief. So that is where you need to step up to if you have not.

Are you aware there were more Millionaires created during the Great Depression than any other 7 year period in our nations’ history?  READ THAT AGAIN.

And this recession will create, birth, spawn a LOT of new wealth – but only to those that SEE IT, RESPOND TO IT, and “GET IT.” It all depends on what you are focused on.

So…with that in mind, if you FOCUS ON this so called recession, your mind somehow will move you towards that focus to create that situation in your life.

if you REFUSE to participate in the recession , your mind will move your life towards something totally different, and lead you to that reality in your life.

How about YOU? Are you going to participate in this recession? You do NOT have to. Social Media I believe will develop a different response to this misery, a higher calling above the fray, and a more powerful approach to taking CONTROL of your life, and not BEING CONTROLLED but the media and other people’s opinions.

What are your plans for this recession in this social media world? I am NOT going to participate in this recession. My goal is to help others create New Wealth during this time and it will be accelerated in the Social Media Zone.

blessings..doug firebaugh

(c) 2009 all rights reserved

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Doug Firebaugh
Doug Firebaugh is an in demand speaker, trainer, author, and successful entrepreneur that has, along with his wife Jodi, dedicated his life to helping people radically accelerate Success in their life. His training articles, blogs, and e-zines are read by more than one million people a month. He has helped over 10,000 people reach an annual income of more than $50,000 a year. His training products are shipped all over the world and he stays on the road every weekend teaching the Success Passion Message God has put in his heart. He is endorsed by Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, among many others and has shared the stage with a literal whose-who of the speaking industry, including Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, Denis Waitley, Tommy Hopkins, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, to name a few. A born again believer, Doug and Jodi give all the credit for any accomplishments to God. They live in Birmingham, Michigan.
Doug Firebaugh
Doug Firebaugh

8 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing- The 2 Types of People in Social Media During a Recession

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  2. Hi Doug – Absolutely! Which is one of the reasons I never watch the news! I can just glance at the headlines on the internet and skip past the “doom” and “gloom”.

    Although I believe there is a third type of social marketer. This social marketer does not personally buy into being a “participant” in the recession, however, he/she utilizes current events, and the keywords that people are searching for, to attract people, educate them and create terrific business growth!

    If enough people are focusing on growing their businesses, then how can there be a recession? :-)

  3. Hi Doug,

    Thank you so much for a well written and well thought-out article. I read some place else to turn off the news, put down the newspaper, and to shun the negativity. I’ve done that. I’ve made a conscious decision not to participate in the recession. I do watch the price of gas and use it as a barometer of what is going on. If the price is up, I figure something good must be happening somewhere and if the price goes down, things must be crashing again. I don’t dwell on it. I tell myself ‘life goes on and so will I.’ I also tell myself I will be successful in ALL my undertakings.

    So I wish you and everyone else great success. Carry on and think the best!

    Thanks again,

  4. Edit
    Points to Ponder for the Week 10:03pm
    Earlier this month I was talking with someone who was extremely worried about theri business and felt disheartened that their distributors sales volumnes where going down drastically. They had felt the pressure of the recession and started to rationalize various scenarios that dealt with there products and resigned them self to only promoting products that were cheap, less than 10.00. They thought they would simply wait it out.

    I then responded that as flexible as they were expecting their customers to be able to weather the storm, they also needed to adapt. Having their eggs in one basket can be detrimental to their business. I emphisised that if their business had a good model, they will be able to reproduce it with another product.

    I also told them about a book that I’m in the process of writing a book whose concept is about taking a successful internet wide business model and bringing it down to a local level. By offering marketing services, internet and old school, to help local business that may be hurting because of the recession and by raising business volume can mean the difference between a business closing up or surviving, and in some cases, thriving. You can do this on a shoe string and with the right contract or agreement, be paid on a contingency basis on increased business. You’ll find most are more than willing to listen to you and if you can show them how you can increase their business, (social media, blogs, sales, specials, flyers, and other promotions) you can help people connect with their local businesses and keeping the local business in the game. I’d also be willing to bet that you will have a 99.9% of change of being the only one in your area doing this.

    Many of the turn key businesses that use the same landing pages, same copy, same marketing materials and methods are the ones that will be in danger. So we need to balance the efficiencies of duplication with some of the old school marketing concepts. I think a hybrid model could do wonders in this economy.

    I see the downturn in the economy as opportunity. It will be the entrepreneurial spirit, not government intrusion and spending that will revive our economy.

  5. You got a point there, Doug.

    It’s all in your mind and it’s up to you to realize what your goals are and how they can be achieved.
    It’s true that many people have made a fortune during the last recession. Their children will make a fortune now.
    There are so many signs how Wall Street slips and tricks people into injecting more money and helping “smart” people become richer. Example: “Buy local products to boost our own economy” – that’s as fake as it could get. This crisis is because of too much credit (simply put), so the only way to get ourselves out of it is to find a feasible solution to get the banking systems up and running again.

    This is just one example, of course. Besides, recession is a great opportunity to find new niches and start/improve your business.

    For example, as you said, Newspapers – they benefit from the crisis, their sales go up, although their advertising revenue goes down.


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