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Social Media Marketing- Social Media is Your Living Room




Welcome to my Living Room.


Was looking over the social-sphere today- and actually started thinking.

Yes- I do think. A Lot. And if you really are looking at Social Media as for what it really is- and meant to be-it is sort of like an online living room.

Think about it.

Social Media is about Conversation.  And Connection.

So is a living room.


Social Media is about Value and Connection.

So is a living room.

You put pictures up in a living room.

Yep -you do that with your page and and  and let’s not forget either.

 You listen to music and watch movies in some living rooms.

Check. Got that too in Social Media.

So…if Social media is like a Living room in your house, and we all would respect that in a ones’ home, why do we not respect that in Social Media?

I don’t think that  loudmouthed salesman type pitching something in some one’s living room would be invited to stay. I don’t think that a “It’s all about ME and I want to talk about nothing else”friend would be welcome in some one’s living room for long.

In Social Media Marketing-think LIVING ROOM. And then act accordingly.

Let me give you what i call the 5 Rules of the Social Media Living Room:

1) Respect the Room and keep it clean and compliment the taste of the structure.

2) Notice the pictures and adornments and comment on those too.

3) Do NOT dominate the conversation- that is rude. LISTEN More than you talk.

4) Talk about the host- and their house- and find out how you can help build a bigger house with them.

5) If they have a nice living room and has great VALUE- let people know that it is there and join them when you can for a conversation around the coffee table.

And oh- here is another one we need: CONNECT with everyone there and see how you can help them with any new ideas or solutions you may have- and make them feel WELCOME and appreciated.

Fantasy land?

Nope. Happens everyday. I have not even launched this blog yet- and , a New Market Social Media icon- came by and said Hi and told some folks about this Living room. Scott is one amazing dude with a mind that so gets social Media on a different level than most do. He did not have to do that- but that is the kind of person he is – and he likes living room conversations.

So does and

Read their blogs, and you will understand.

Welcome to my living room- where’s the coffee ? Let’s talk Social Media Marketing.

blessings.. doug firebaugh

(c) 2008/ all rights reserved

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