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Social Media Marketing- It is about what THE PROSPECT wants to Experience – Not You




It is NOT about us, what we write, what we suggest, what we like, what we emote about, or even what we have a passion about. It is important, but not imperative.

I have found that if you are writing about your Passion, but yet no one is caring or reading what you are writing, then you have a nice personal journal going on, but not much else.

It is about WHAT THE PROSPECTS are looking for and searching out. It is about what they are wanting to connect to, not what you want them to connect to. Yes, having and working your passion is great! But helping someone else with THEIR passion is even better.  That is why   and are so popular with the readers. Brilliant writing- slanted towads what people want to read in the niche they are writing about.

Writing about what YOU want to is good. Wriitng in a way that people want to read it and cannot miss it is even betrer.  Check your readership. Run a survey and find out what they are looking for. And then  write towards that survey and create some intense focus in your blog. Ask them about what topics of your passion is important to them, and what are not. Find out what they dislike and stop it.

And always write to the eyes of the reader concerning your topic and passion. Give them what they are searching for- not just what you want to write about.  Become a and draw readers to you effortlessly. All you do is write about in your topic, with great quality content,  what they want to read about.

Yes, keep your passion totally alive- just connect with what their passion and interest as well concerning your blog topic..

You ALWAYS will have readers if you give them what they want to read about your topic concerning Social Media Marketing and web 2.0.

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Linda Barbara

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