Social Media Marketing-How to quickly get on 150 Social Sites and Create Backlinks

I love when it all comes together and something makes it easy and affordable and you can do something that will help you and at the same  time help you build a brand on numerous social sites you may not even know about YOU need to be on.

Ok…I can hear it now. ‘It’s all about relationships.”


THAT is true.

But a savvy marketer or a home business marketer also knows that social media marketing is about MARKETING as well, and you MUST balance the two.

If you do not you are making a lot of friends,. but not much else is happening in your business efforts.

There are MANY cool new social sites out there and many you probably are not aware they even exist. But what if you could find a way to get on 15- to 350 social sites and you do not have to do the work?

That would be a great thing to know about.

There is a site called   it is a powerful site as well as a powerful tool. It will literally get you on these social sites and they do most of the work. Of course there is a small fee and a large fee that you can pay. But it really does accelerate the process of social media exposure

And it creates a LOT of backlinks for your blog or site.

Imagine getting 150 backlinks to your blog on social sites that Google LOVES.

Would that get you cranked?

It did me and Jodi.

And we have used knowem many times for different blogs and different social accounts.

It has a free service as well to tell if your name or brand is available or not. Yes, there are other sites that do that-but knowem has over 360 sites they can check. and it segments it into marketing segments that all may or may not be helpful for your marketing efforts.

I encourage you to check  out. it can help accelerate your business, social media branding, and social media marketing.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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