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Social Media Marketing- Developing a Powerful Social Influence




Love that word

It is at the basis of social media marketing. It is what the platform of moving people to take action rests upon. It is what we all must develop in social media.

Many talk about it.

Many write about it.

But how do you develop it?


Give people something that will IMPACT them emotionally, and then draw them towards your message consistently.

How do you do that?

1) Show the person you are the SOLUTION to the challenge they are having in their life.

It does not matter what the person is facing-if you have a solution for them, show them and tell them. Be honest. Be real. Be authentic. Be more interested in helping them than selling them. Be more focused on their “pain” than your gain. Reassure them. Let them know that things are going to work out. Give them some testimonials. 

And here is a critical key:  DO NOT HYPE.  Just share what you can do for them to help ease their “pain.”

2) Enlarge the person’s Possibilities of their Future through YOU.

Many people are living life with what I call “possibility poverty.”Show them that you have possibilities that will HELP them, and ones that they never knew existed. Share new ideas and solutions with them that you offer, as well as others. Become the “ABC Solution Guru” to them. Make them feel connected to your solutions and thank them for being interested. This one thing alone creates amazing Influence.

3) Construct friendships on social sites- do not just Connect and then broadcast your marketing message.

Relationships are at the CORE of social media, whether on , , or even . Relationships  DRIVE the social media process. Make sure that you do not RUSH or FORCE ‘false friendships” for the sake of selling something. You will be flamed and dissed by many people. There is a whole new generation and awareness of these types of tactics and they simply so not work. Social influence is developed off the base of TRUTH- not hype or a sales pitch.

That is why many corporations today are struggling with interfacing with social media. They simply do not to shift to a different type of marketing process.

But if they do not-the influence they have will diminish over time. They MUST make the shift to the new media-at least include it in their own processes-to have any future influence in the marketplace with this new breed of customers and prospects.

Influence-one of the pistons in the social media marketing engine. Make sure that you focus on developing it. If you do, you will be have a great future in social media marketing.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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