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Social Media Marketing- Content in Social Media is NOT King (or Queen)




Hmmm…this may go against the grain with some folks.

But after 4 years in social media, I believe that I need to write this and get this off my chest.

There is a myth out in the social media zone, saying, “Content is king.”

That is not true.

If it were, there would be a HUGE amount of more articles and blogs and posts that the search engines would be indexing and showing in all of it’s search results…

But that is not really happening.


Because Content is NOT King (or Queen.)


I have found after 11 years reading articles and posts, that content is NOT king-

but “IMPACT Content” is.

Impact content IMPACTS the reader in some way, and moves them in some way. The reader sees VALUE in the writing and is willing to send it out because of the impact.

Impact content is remembered.

Impact content is virally marketed.

Impact content is re-tweeted.

Impact content is talked about in the social sphere.

Impact content is seen as VALUABLE and positions the author more often as an “expert” than any other kind of content out in the social media zone.

Impact Content accelerates Branding dramatically.

Impact content can be:

1) “How to articles” that teaches, instructs, and trains people in powerful ways.

2) A post containing a “list of things” that people want to know about but did not know where to find them.

3) A rant about something that gets people’s blood boiling or people agreeing with you.

4) A “from the heart” article that pulls people in and gets them on your side.

5) A story about something or someone that moves people and inspires them to action.

6) A news story that draws people in and gets them engaged in the story somehow.

7) A “Discovery Article or Post” that people discover something new or discover a new way of doing something or seeing something.

8) A ‘Power Post” that encourages and empowers people to take the information within the post and engage it in their own business, success, or life.

9) A “Question Post” that makes people stop and think- and ask one of the questions, “Can things be better- can my life be better- is there a better way to do it- have I been misled?”

10) An Entertainment Post, that makes people smile and entertains them in some way.

11) Some kind of a Free Giveaway that people see as valuable, and will impact them in some way.

And most importantly-

12) A “Hope Post” that gives Hope and Belief to those who are reading it, and moves them to take action that they may have not taken otherwise.

Impact Content is KING. Period.

What content I am finding in social media in many instances- is FILLER.

I have read thousands of posts, articles, and notes and have seen that most of it unfortunately is FILLER and not written for the reader.

It was written for the search engines to find, and the quality of the content as far as benefiting the consumer is well…lacking. Not that everything out there is filler- but the majority of it is.

Just look at the article directories. Most of the articles are less than 250 words, and filled with keywords and key phrases for the search engines, with no directing or informing people – but LOTS of advertising.

LOTS of that.

Just look at the blog posts. Many of those are written for social book marking and search engines and all to get you to CLICK on a url to sell you something.

Nothing wroing with that at all- We all do that to some degree.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE READER?  How about giving them some real value before you pitch them?

There are 2 intentions in copy writing today:

1) Writing for a RESULT.

2) Writing for the Reader.

WE have found that when you write only for a result (ex: Search engines or get a click) you are diluting your brand as well as your image in the marketplace. Quality content will always overshadow Quantity content.

Writing for the reader will always get virally marketed more, linked to more, read more, searched more, and book marked more.

When you are writing, ask this one question:

“What about this will IMPACT people and get them excited enough to move them in some way to a greater place in their life?”

If you can answer that, with the Reader in mind, then the Results will take care of themselves in social media marketing.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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