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Social Media Marketing- Cast Your Net on the Other Side of the Boat




And thought of an interesting analogy concerning Social media marketing.

No- I am not going to get religious- but go with me for a minute about this analogy. I think that you will like it, and it will make sense.

Whether you believe in the Bible or not, it has powerful transcending life principles that can help guide you to a better life and business. And I like to compare what is written – with today’s world and the social media zone.

There is in the Good Book, Christ, who plays a huge role in the New Testament. In one of His Commands, He tells Peter, after a night of not catching any fish- He said in the Book of John…

“‘Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.’ When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish.”

Imagine this scenario…

Peter was frustrated, and tired to the bone. He had been fishing all night and got zip-nada. And he probably was ready to go home and get some sleep. Wouldn’t you be? His mind was going around in circles and probably was on automatic negative pilot.

But sometimes we can get into a rut of thinking, believing, expecting, and acting. And those habits that we develop can blind us and limit us to better things that are right next to us-but we do not see them as we are too focused on WHAT IS NOT WORKING. We want to fix it. We want to make work what we are DOING.

How about looking at doing something a little different and perhaps carries with it more, and newer possibilities?

Sometimes, doing something in a different direction, different focus, different method, and different action, can make a HUGE difference in you results.

It requires that we look in another direction and place to find what we cannot find in the current place.

Things change.

Currents change.

Tides change.

Winds change.

You must be open to changing with them, and allowing that to work FOR you, not against you as so many are finding out in the current economy.

Sometimes you have to let the winds of change carry you with them- and possibly end up doing something different that maybe you have never done before. Or do the same thing in a newer, more powerful place.

Is that not what Social Media is about?

In New Marketing, it is all about casting your Net of business in a different place, with a different focus,  with different tactics. It is about finding new, more abundant ”fishing holes” that you never knew existed. It is about connecting with other fisherman that you never knew were on the lake to form connections and help each other in this new community.

And it is about contrarian thinking and action. This focus of “other side” carries with it three main messages:

1) There is a BETTER place to take action when the one you are in is not producing, and many times that new place is very near you.

This is so true. In social Media, there are many better places to search for connections than a lot of the old methods that today, are becoming trite and antiquated. Even Corporate America has started to look on the other side of their boat. They are being forced to due to the early adopters of social media outpacing them in Success in the marketplace.

2) You need to change your FOCUS and be Open to another possibility during those times that are not productive.

Most of the time, when you change your focus to another bigger possibility, that possibility shows up. Peter kind of trusted that one. He cast his net on the other side of the boat and got so many fish that he had to ask other boats to help him. But the KEY is- he was OPEN to a new possibilty and was willing to try it-even though he was tired and ready to give up.

Social media provides that possibility everyday.

3) Many times, you have the right net, the right boat, the right team, and the right lake, but you need to move to another more plentiful, more lucrative place on the lake.

And on the lake of business, there are many plentiful places in social media. You may be having limited results with your current marketing strategy, but have patience. Your Social Media results may not be immediate as Peter saw, but it will be coming and probably quickly.

Social media requires a “engage a new way” thinking. And if you have that type of thought process, you will find your Success growing rapidly in your social media marketing efforts.

Think “Other Side of the Boat” during this time and season in our troubled economy. Social Media- is the other side of the boat- and more. Just be open to looking at a new direction and taking new actions that may not make any sense at all to you now- as social media goes against many traditional marketing tenets. 

But it is not called New Marketing for nothing. Cast your nets on the other side of business. It will pay off in the long run in the Social Media marketing zone.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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