Social Media Marketing- Are YOU a Victim of or Practicing “Ambush Marketing?”

Ok…what is that?

Ambush Social Media is what i see going on all over the place. On social media sites including these:

It is something that I believe should be stopped and stopped soon.


Ambush Social Media is where you “friend” someone you do not know and then you get to know them, and then suddenly…

Whaammmmmmmoooooooo! Smack Down!

HURRY! HURRY!  HURRY!  Step right this WAY!!!

You start getting relentless sales and marketing communication from them, and they are aggressive and  have ONE focus:

Signing you up to buy something or be a part of something.

I am NOT saying that marketing on the internet is bad. I do it. We all do it that are in marketing and especially home business marketing.


There is a HUGE difference between Social Media Ambush Marketing and professional marketing.

Ambush Marketing is a bait and switch tactic.

Ambush Marketing is misleading and misdirected.

Ambush Marketing is unethical and untruthful.

Ambush Marketing is simply WRONG.

Pretending to befriend someone and only getting to know them, ONLY to sell them something.

THAT is what amateurs do, and is being promoted by all kinds of Instant “gurus” of the month that do not know their nose from a hole in the ground.

NEVER create a connection just to sell them something. Create a connection to bring VALUE to their life.

To bring a New idea to them that is FREE.

To Help them move their life and lifestyle forward.

And to actually to build a new friendship that may recommend you down the road.

Ambush Marketing belongs in the great trash heap of marketing.

And should never be a part of social media marketing.

blessings…doug firebaugh
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