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Social Media Marketing-Are You a Poser, Player, or Pioneer?






This was written by a great friend-and writer-Marco Carbajo. Enjoy!

I’m no expert in Social Media Marketing but it doesn’t take an expert to figure out Social Media Marketing. When you have excellent mentors and coaches you’re experience and learning curve improve dramatically.

I enjoy sharing with you my personal experiences in social media marketing and hope to provide you with some insight on how to best utlilize this amazing vehicle of conversational based marketing.

After seeing so many types of personalities and styles of social media marketers on the internet it inspired me to identify what the difference was between the great and not so great. While everyone is different in personality and we each have strengths and weaknesses there seems to be a common behavior pattern in social media that is not so different.

There are 4 distinct types of Social Media Marketers:



Let me explain in detail so you can gain a better understanding of why I use these particular categories.

First, let’s talk about the Players.

Players in social media marketing are just doing that. They are playing the game of social media marketing without truly embracing it and adding personal value to it. When you don’t personally add your own ideas, content, tips, suggestions, or thoughts to your posts, blogs, tweets, and so on you simply are playing the game and not being a participant. Each and every individual has so much to offer and give to this world and it’s always a shame to see someone not realize their true God given potential.

Suggestion – Love people for where they are at in life but see them for where they could be.

Second, let’s talk about the Posers.

The dictionary description is ‘a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not’. I’m sure you have come across people who are not genuine or who are trying to be someone their not. There was one gentleman I met who was looking to set up a joint venture with an associate of mine and he was constantly talking about how great business was and that he had to expand his office. The problem came up when my associate wanted to fly out and visit his facilities and the gentleman refused and said his office was too busy and making a list of excuses. I’m sure you know the ending to this story and if he had been honest and upfront from the beginning I’m sure my associate would have done business with him.

Suggestion – Avoid those who are not genuine, upfront and honest with you.

Now let’s talk about Promoters.

I love promoters because they are entrepreneurs who enjoy promoting others. They promote other people’s products, services, trainings, tools, programs and so on. Many promoters are affiliates and they get paid to promote. They should! Promoters also promote people!

The best part about promoters is they promote products and services that they believe in and use themselves. They are great ambassadors for you and your business. My dear friend and coach Doug Firebaugh says it best “Its not what people say about you, it’s what people say for you that matters most!”

Suggestion – There is no better exercise in the world then reaching down and lifting people back up!

Finally, let’s talk about Pioneers!

Pioneers are the trail blazers or as Yanik Silver puts it ‘Mavericks!’ These are the individuals who provide tremendous value to their social network. They are leaders and are the poster child for social media marketers. There are no limits, boundaries or barriers that these individuals cannot overcome. Pioneers are creative thinkers, movers and shakers and contribute to others on a personal, professional and spirtual level.

One of the most incredible traits of a pioneer is the ability to give back and most importantly teach others to do the same.

Here are some pioneers that you should learn more about:

If you truly wish to become successful then study the habits of successful people. Start with the list of pioneers above and subscribe to their newsletters, read their blogs, follow them on Twitter, attend their trainings, purchase their products and become a sponge for information.

Ever heard the saying ‘When the Student is Ready, The Teacher will Appear?’

Go for it!

Make it a great day!

Marco Carbajo
National Entrepreneur Club

blessings…..doug firebaugh

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