Social Media Marketing- 5 Power Secrets of Twitter Marketing

This is a new phrase that is starting to hit the streets and blogs. You can hear it on podcasts as well as videos today. It is all over and articles in articles directories.

But most are striking out as far as marketing goes. They do not seem to connect to many of the basic principles of marketing.

And many never will as they do not seem to understand the truth about

There are 5 Power Secrets of that I would like to briefly share with you and hope they can help you in your endeavors.

They have rocked our world in our twitter marketing.

First off, what in the world is twitter?

If you have been out on the moon for the last 12 months, you may have not heard of it. But it is a little service that asks you ‘”hat are you doing?”  and you let the world know. In 140 characters or less. Much like a text on a cell phone.

Seems pretty innocent does it not?

But then marketers started using twitter to market their wares, and many have polluted much of the “twittersphere”  with hundreds of pitches and deals that are disguised as tweets. I counted over 75 of them today. And  most of the tweets seemed “innocent” until you clicked on the url- and then BAM! You were right in the middle of someone trying to sell you something.

Classic bait and switch.

But there are those that are successul with twitter that do not practice that type of marketing. They do it right and people love them for it.  talk about twitter with their   Joel Comm has the book. Darren Rowse with talks about it. talks about it. talks about it. Even facebook maven is now teaching it.

You can too- if you can embrace a few twitter marketing secrets.

This brings me to these 5 Twitter Marketing Power Secrets:

1) Marketing is all about Relationship FIRST- SECOND- and THIRD.

This is a no brainer. Relationships and Connections drive marketing. And if someone has tens of thousands or more followers- that is quite an impressive list. But are they results of some leads harvesting software or honest to God relationships that you can market to? This is critical for long term marketing and business.

People expect something from you- a relationship if you are promising something. Can you do that?

You can decide that.

2) Twitter is about “Peripheral Connections” that are in sync with you.

If you want to market your message- find someone that has a similar message, and then take a look at their followers. They are following this person for a reason. (Unless they are software generated/harvested which is quite popular today on twitter.) Start following some of these proven interested folks after you have looked at their profile and they fit your prospective customer profile, and find the ones that makes sense to follow. And then start holding conversations with them. Introduce yourself. Join the conversation.  Find out what they are looking for, and then see how your message can help out with their search. Make your marketing of Value FIRST and build that bridge of Trust before you ever suggest they purchase something.

It works.

3) Twitter Marketing is about TRUST, TRAILS, and TEAMS.

First off, you must build that Bridge of TRUST before anything. If your followers do not TRUST you, you will lose them. Give Value first- and then more Value second. Give them FREE downloads and reports and Little Known Secrets. They will start to trust your INTENTIONS. Then you start leaving what I call “Tweet Trails.” These are trails of messages that people can follow on  that are part of a series of information or conversation that leads to a place that they can click to to find out the answer or solution to a problem. The trails point ot the solution the whole time. It may take a dozen tweets or more to eventually send out the “Impact Tweet” that creates that marketing process. THEN- you start forming Teams of prospects and customers and then get them on a conference call and webinar to create a greater Impact with your message.

This Is a critical part. TAKE IT OFFLINE.  Many do not.

4) Twitter Marketing is about Secondary Exposure- not just Primary.

Secondary exposure is called “Viral marketing” or “Re-Tweeting” using twitter vernacular. This is when someone is impressed with your message or tweet and sends it out to their base of followers creating a whole new exposure zone- and extending your reach dramatically with your message. And then they do the same thing. And then they do the same thing. It is powerful to see twitter marketing in full force.

Give them a reason to re tweet something. Give them an “aha” tweet. Give them a freebie. Give them a url to a great blog. Give them some little known news. Point to an interesting read that points to something in your product or benefits of it.

I call it “Layered Marketing.” The second, third, and fourth layers of people sending out your tweets are sometimes more powerful than the first in twitter marketing.

5) Twitter Marketing rests upon the platform of “First Effectual Impressions.”

What EFFECT do your twitter marketing efforts have on people? Yes, you can learn all about the applications, sister twitter sites, and the best and coolest ways to get followers.

But here is the BOTTOM LINE: What EFFECTare you having Visually, Emotionally, and Psychologically that will keep these folks coming back and reading your tweets, building a trust bridge, and then acting upon what you suggest that they do? Whether you have a traditional business, home business, or work for a business, you must consider this before ANYTHING.

What effect does your profile have on people Visually? Is it unique? Is it powerful? Does it Brand you Visually? Our is different and brands us well- Check it out

What effect do your messages and suggestions have on followers Emotionally? Does it open them up to new possibilities? Does it teach the HOW to do things which grows them? Does it encourage them? Create something that will make people FEEL GREAT ABOUT YOU and a your message. if you give them what they are looking for- answers and solutions- they will feel awesome about you.

What effect does you message have Psychologically on your followers? This is critical. You should establish in your twitter marketing what we call “Growth Anticipation.” This is simply where people anticipate to GROW following you- and will GROW when they do what you suggest. But this takes time-and you have to prove you are worth following and being listened to. If your twitter marketing creates new focuses and hope for people- you will develop that “Growth Zone” and people will stay in it and develop that “relationship” – and you can market to them new growth ideas that will help them that much more.

Yes, there are many things that you can cover in twitter marketing, and it is imperative that you are familiar with the twitter applications and sister sites that make twitter more effective. There are hundreds of them and we have covered and will cover more in the future concerning marketing.

But YOU must become more EFFECTIVE with your prospects and these are 5 Power Secrets of twitter marketing in social media.