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Social Media Marketing- 3 Ways to Add Jaw Dropping Value to Your Message




Value is the key to making anything happen in social media, whether you are in it for marketing, social networking, entertainment, or just for learning. But VALUE is the KEY to any successful social media experience.


There is what is call “JAW DROPPING VALUE.”


What’s that?

JDV (Jaw Dropping Value) is that EXTRA Value that is unexpected, unanticipated, and totally a SURPRISE. It s is Value in a product, message, video, training, blog post, podcast, or even event that delivers way beyond what is normal.


HOW do you ADD Jaw Dropping Value to a message, product, or event? Well, there are 3 major ways that you can add JDV to anything you do, and we do it all the time and it truly works.

Here are three ways that you can add Jaw Dropping Value to anything you do:

1) Be Totally and Unexpectedly moving in a Direction that people are not expecting AND ARE BLOWN AWAY BY.

What does that mean?


Take your message in a different direction and look to see what is NOT being done with your industry. Ask, “What holes are out there in my industry that needs to be filled and how can my message or product fill those holes?”  JDV is a result of moving to a place that many are not looking for, and taking them to an higher level in life and their desires because of it.

We took a look at the holiday season and no one was doing a. So we said, “GO!” and then we added twice as much content as expected, and blew people away last year, and this year is even bigger.

You can do the same thing-look for the holes and fill them.

2) Take Your Message or product or focus and at least DOUBLE THE PROMISE-and then DELIVER.

Wow. I can hear you saying that now. I cannot do that. Sure you can. But it takes guts and courage. That is how you set yourself apart. 

Be bigger.

Be better.

Be bolder.

Be brassier. 

Be Bodacious on occasion.

THEN DELIVER the goods and get a reputation as someone who does deliver and in a way that is bigger, better, and more Valuable than anyone else. A friend of mine in Texas did that. She is in Real estate. On her and in her ads, she said that if she could not sell your home within 21 days, she would buy it from you- GUARANTEED.

She has yet to buy a house. THAT really motivated her, and has taken her career as well as social media exposure thorugh the roof.

3) Give away your best material or freebies and then DOUBLE IT.

You read that right.

THAT will get people talking about you in a whole new way as that will virally market like a rocket. I know…you may be thinking that I just gave away my best stuff.


You just gave a sample of the current best stuff you have–but THE BEST—that has yet to come.

And they will be WAITING ON IT with baited breath.

You are SEEDING into the future and into the destiny of your career. And that is how social media works. Look at all the freebies that or , or my bud -or – or – or – or all the other social media talents out in the social sphere.

You can get some AMAZING trainings, ideas, solutions, little known info, brain expanders (thanks larry hochman) and much more for free-because that is what makes social media so special.

YOU GIVE- before you get.

What you are reading- THIS EXACT TRAINING (but a little more in depth)– I have taught in personal coaching in the past to the tune of 500.00 to 1000.00 an hour. What is it costing you today?


And I hope that it helps you add some serious Jaw dropping Value to what you are doing in your efforts in social media and social media marketing.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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