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Social Media Marketing- 3 HUGE Twitter Mistakes-Are YOU Making Them?




In social Media has become part of the communication culture in the Social Media and web 2.0 Zone. There are a lot of great blogs out there that write about twitter excusively including Darren Rowse’s and by Deb Micek and Warren Whitlock.

But there are three HUGE Mistakes that people seem to make with their twitter tweets.

Are you making these critical mistakes and what are they doing to your marketing and your brand??

There is a cost to these mistakes:

  • It hurts your branding efforts.
  • It hurts your marketing efforts.
  • It creates a “talk” about you that can become negative over time.

Ok-what are these three critical mistakes?

Too many tweets during the day.

You are allowed 200 tweets a day but that will get you no followers. I suggest no more tham 5-20 a day at max.

People can get what I call “Twitter Fatigue” and tune you out- and unfollow.


Simply. therre is a process that must be used in any marketing efforts with twitter. You MUST NOT sell in your tweets.

Expose new ideas? YES!

Reveal NEW Information? YES!

Teach new things? YES!



Only people with few followers do that. And you do not want to fall into that category. Do NOT Sell-create a reason for people to go to your website but do not blantantly sell.

Playing Verbal Judo.

Arguing your point will get you unfollowed quickly. I know one person that argued incessantly on twitter and lost over 200 followers in a day. That can happen if you are not careful. Politely disagree- but do NOT argue. If you have to take it to email or offline to battle it out- then do so- but not on twitter.

Remember EVERY tweet is either reinforcing your brand, or restructuring your brand.-for better or for worse.

And that is up to you on what your brand need in your and web 2.0 efforts.


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