Social Media Marketing- 3 Huge Lies Found all Over Social Media

These lies in social media that people are promoting daily that as far as marketing and social connections, have little to do with either of the two. I hear them on podcasts, see them on blogs, and view them on videos and each time I feel like SHOUTING to the roof top.

I believe it was Joe Wilson that shouted out “YOU LIE”during his speech. Well, maybe we need to take the Joe Wilson speaking course and shout that out  at out social media folks that are promoting lies and maybe even are not aware of they are doing it. They may be just repeating what they have heard in social media.

One of the things I do, I consult companies- traditional and non-traditional- on marketing, social media, success, leadership, team building, home business strategies, plus other topics. And I could never take the 3 concepts that I am hearing and make it a part of any consult.

They probaly would end up firing me.

And they would you too.


These “lies” are all  part of the ‘i want to be known and be special” club. Listen up- it is ALL ABOUT you making OTHERS feel special- not you feeling special. if you are looking for a short way to kill your credibility in social media-go down that path. There are others that have and are now nowhere to be seen.

Ok…enough ranting.

What are the 3 Huge Lies that are found in social media?

1) It’s al about how many numbers of followers and connections you have to obtain social media star status.

I have found this one to be particularly irritating. First off- you make the person you are holding the conversation with THE STAR. YOU are not a star-but a star builder. And that is what you do.  You build people up and make them the star in the process in your world. And do that enough and you will find star status if that is what you are looking for. I hope not.

It really sets me off when I hear about getting a huge numbers of followers. Here is the TRUTH— Numbers of followers do NOT equal business or success. It is NOT about how many numbers- but how many people in those numbers that are truly listening and acting on your brand messages,

I know a company right now that has less than 3000 followers on twitter and less than 2500 on facebook and this quarter they will do over 500,000 in business from social media. They have 3000 people that are talking FOR THEM and ABOUT THEM- and getting their message out. It is not about numbers- but how many are multiplying the brand message.

2) it is all about CONVERSATION.

Nope. You can hold conversations with folks and it be totally meaningless in social media. It may be fun-but as far as marketing or business- what has happened?

Not much.

It is NOT about Conversation- but Connection. People you are connected to emotionally and socially always hold a more powerful conversation than those that are not. Connection means you took the time and learned about them-connected to what they were looking for- and then held a conversation that was of VALUE to tha person. THEN you could talk in a manner they found engaging versus boring.

3)  You must be on many sites and work them daily.

THAT is called stupidity as first off, you have not time to develop any relationships and truly get to know people. Secondly, you have OFFLINE tasks to do as well, and you would have not time at all for that.

Here is a tip: Get a basecamp of about 5 sites that are YOU and you like the feel of them and the focus, and then start connecting and working hard to develop and move into that community. Then, after you have developed some traction with those sites- reach out and start expanding your social basecamp sites. I work about 10 sites and have for nearly 5 years. But I started with 2- myspace and (They were the only ones really around then.)

Work the sites to broadcast your message as well through software. You can get your message or url or blogpost or video out to dozens of sites- and broadcast it- with There are others-but that seems to be the most popular one.

These are the 3 Huge Lies that drive me nuts. Not that  is really hard to do- but i wanted to scream “ENOUGH ALREADY- YOU LIE!” and graduate from the Joe Wilson school of social media marketing.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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