Social Media Leadership- The 4 Secrets to Becoming a Powerful Social Media Leader

Social Media Leadership is an evolving process that really needs to be looked at by the social media community. It is critical.


It determines everything in any kind of social media change, growth, improvement, or marketing. Leadership is the elevator in all business. Esepcially in Social media. It will determine whether something goes UP or goes DOWN in the marketplace. It will determine Value or determine Emptiness.

I think you would agree, many folks in social media are entrepreneurs with their own business. But yet, many of these folks do not LEAD in social media.

They sell.

They market.

They converse.

They Spend time on social sites.

They buy all the latest “guru’s” CDs and DVDs.

They follow. They follow others in their efforts to find the golden rings of social Media.

Here is a novel idea:


Step up to YOUR LEADERSHIP in socail media and get out the wake of people that are trying to leave you behind.

DECIDE to Connect and Embrace YOU – to Your own Leadership in Social Media. There is an INCREDIBLE Leaders insidoe of you-it’s time to RELEASE that Leader.

Start directing people to ideas and possibilities they never knew existed-from YOUR Suggestions and guidance. Start guiding people to what will TRANSFORM them as a person, not just what will create a Transaction. Transform their perception of what is possible. Transform their thinking to a new level of Success. Transform their expectations-with YOU.

There are 4 Secrets to becoming Powerful Social Media Leader and if you operate with these components in mind, you can become social media royalty.

Here are those 4 components:


Some folks call it Vision. Some folks call it a Destination. In social media, you need to paint a vivid picture in what you can do for a person, as well as where you are going to take them. Picture pages are the most visited pages in social media. That is called a CLUE.

OK. Then using that as a measure, lets’ create s picture of where you are headed, and what that picture has to offer anyone who will follow. Does the picture have a name? Does the picture you paint of your message move people emotionally?

Create what I call a Picture of Promise, and then keep that picture in your Social Media Leadership front and center.

Lisa, a friend of mine, keeps a picture of what a person will look like if they learn about and use here skin care system FRONT AND CENTER on her social sites.She is not trying to sell anything except a possibility. It is a Powerful picture that leads to a powerful place.

2) A PATH.

Folks want a Path they can travel, and most want it in modules, or steps. What does your Leadership Path offer and what are the steps? Have you CLEARLY laid out the path so they can follow with no challenge to where you are leading them? Are the links and any other “doorways” to new ideas working? Are the videos you are doing compelling? Are the pod casts short and to the point and interesting? Are the blogs readable and well written? Are any notes or tweets easy to understand?

All a path is is a series of social media “doorways” that lead to where you want them to go. Call them bread crumbs. Call them arrows pointing to a place. But either way, they first lead a person to a place and activity to be taken.

What does your Path offer and what are the benefits of taking that path? People listen to radio station KIA-AM. Is your Social Media Leadership path tuned into that station?

KIA-AM stands for— Keep It All About ME. Make EVERYTHING about the prospect and what they will receive when thet enter the “Promised Land” you are guding them to.

Make the path they have to travel, click to, or learn about interesting and always point to something they will learn, enjoy, feel good about, and feel glad they took that path with you.


What as a leader, are you promising anyone that will follow you?

Gain? Increase? Education? Improvement? Answers? Solutions?

Or are you offering them something so of VALUE that not matter who it is, it is too Valuable to turn down?

Promises are a dime a dozen-unless you LEAD people to the promise and DELIVER, and set yourself apart from the crowd with REAL relationships in the social arena, as all leaders build connections and Value in all they do.

Make a Promise- and KEEP IT- no matter what. That is Leadership in Social Media.


Nothing will point to you as a Social Media Leader quicker than a Powerful Conclusion to the Promise. Give them what you siad you would. Take them where you said you would. Teach them what you said you would.

But give them MORE than the Picture Promises, and where they think the Path Leads. That is what Social Media Leadership is about.

Leading BEYOND all expectations.

Leading PAST the Promise to More Powerful Conclusions.

Leading In a Way that it is so Valuable, they will follow you anywhere, anytime, with any suggestion of a path.

THAT is one of the missing pieces in developing a social media marketing empire.

LEAD the folks to places they never thought they could visit or conceive, with Social Media Leadership.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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