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Facebook Marketing- The 3 Hidden Rules for Facebook Success




Marketing on has been a very popular thing to blog about. In Social Media, Myspace and Facebook are the twin titans when it comes to social networking. But we have found that there are 3 rules that are hidden and you need to understand them. There are some great facebook authors as well out in the blogosphere, one being a friend,. She really gets the facebook workings and has some great content. She is a MUST read with facebook.

Most people market on facebook with the wrong focus, as well as the wrong actions. But if you adhere to these rules, you will find that facebook marketing is a whole lot easier than you thought. We have marketed successfully on facebook a lot of things- from webinars to ebooks- and have foudnthere are three things that made a huge difference.

1) Approach facebook friends with an “I have something FOR YOU mindset, not an I want something from you.”

This is critical. If the person senses that you are there to TAKE from them, they will not only resist your message, but also possibly form a wrong opinion of you and your brand. You have a GIFT of Success or Encouragement, or Revelation, or just a great idea to share with people. That is a MUST.

Always GIVE first.

The word “GIVE” stands for “Gaining Influence Very Easily.” Enough said.

2) Always think CONNECTION, as people are looking to Connect with other people – who are interested in THEIR Interests.

Think TINY. “Their Interests NOT Yours.” Yes, I know. Acrostics went out years ago. Or did they? Either way, I use them if they work to prove a point. Think how you can CONNECT with people and ADD VALUE to their life, future, and passion.

We have a three step formual we teach– Here is a suimmary of it:

Connect–> Conversation–> Construct (a friendship.) THAT is critical on facebook.

3) The Words that build Influence Quickly-THANK YOU.

Thank people for befriending you. Thank people for sharing a note with you. Thank people for inviting you to a group. Thank people for inviting you to an event. Thank people for sharing a great status with you. Thank people for sharing photos with you in the newsfeed. Thank people when you comment on their news feed. And the list goes on and on. Thank people to make them think-of you.

Facebook Marketing begins with these three rules. Yes, you must learn the facebook software and all it has to offer-but keep these three rules in mind in your facebook marketing and social media success.



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