Social Media Marketing- The 4 Things Business Owners are Looking for




Business Owners are looking today for BUSINESS.

THAT is a fact undeniable.

YOU must help them find it and create it in new ways and new places.

But they are also looking for 4 other things. Surprisingly, many business folks are changing their focus and looking in  new directions for business as well as possibilities.

And  they are looking to social media to deliver the goods.

What are the 4 things that business owners are looking for?

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Social Media Marketing- Seasons of Success by Doug Firebaugh

It has definitely been a long winter.

And winter is not even here yet.

But I am back and ready to roll.

As you probably know, last year I lost both my parents suddenly, and that kind put me in a funk that I was in for a bit even though I was on the road and training. But it was a difficult time, and now the season of grief is past, and the season of GO is upon me.

Maybe you have been through some season yourself, and it has been hard.

Let me tell you a secret:

Seasons in life are what Grow YOU and what shape your future in your social media marketing home business. Never worry about a season of frustration or discouragement in your social media marketing business.

ALL seasons are TEMPORARY and they will pass.

If you are discouraged, then the best thing to do is to GET BUSY and keep your mind off the season. I am NOT a fan of winter. But I am a fan of summer. So I stay very busy during the winter months creating and producing so the the season flies by. Except for skiing in Colorado (LOVE CO), winter seems a bit brutal here in Michigan.

What will keep YOU busy?

Find the actions that will PRODUCE volume for you, and continue doing those things MORE than normal and you will find the season of success upon you quicker than you ever imagined.

Contiue ro build relationships.

Continue to blog (do NOT do like me and just walk away for a season.)

Continue to create powerful and valuable content that rocks the social world.

Ask others for ideas for content and for products and connections.

Record videos  with powerful nuggets and create a library of them.

Record podcasts and create a library of them on Itunes and all the podcast directories.

All of the above i have been doing during the last 10 months- but doing it privately, so I have quite a backlog of content just waiting to be posted.

I guess some good cam out of the passing of my parents. Both were in their mid 70s- way too young to go in my opinion. But God knows what He is doing.

So I am in a  NEW season and a NEW path in life-headed towards more success that I never dreamed possible. The last 24 years have been amazing-been in home marketing since I was 25 years old-the next 24 are going to be off the hook.

It is YOUR Season, and I am glad to be back from the winter that I just had- and looking forward to the incredible summer of success that lies ahead- even though I will miss my mom and dad.

It is YOUR TIME and YOUR TURN for Success in your social media marketing home business.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business social Media marketing

Social media marketing for home businesses

Social Media Marketing- The 5 Social Media Lessons We Can Learn from Michael Jackson




Wow. What a Shock.

It was really sad that Michael Jackson passed away.

His was a genius at what he did. He sang, dance, moved, and blew people’s minds. He gave to the world what no one had ever done before.

And within that gift lies some Social Media Lessons that we can learn from him. Michael was somewhat of a sad figure in the end due to his legal woes and other issues, but his musical genius cannot be denied.

What can we learn for social media from his genius we can all embrace and utilize to bring out the social media genius in all of us. After all, we all know how to be social- it is what comes after that – that we can learn from Michael.

What are the 5 Social Media Lessons we can learn from MJ?

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Social Media Leadership- The 4 Secrets to Becoming a Powerful Social Media Leader




Social Media Leadership is an evolving process that really needs to be looked at by the social media community. It is critical.


It determines everything in any kind of social media change, growth, improvement, or marketing. Leadership is the elevator in all business. Esepcially in Social media. It will determine whether something goes UP or goes DOWN in the marketplace. It will determine Value or determine Emptiness.

I think you would agree, many folks in social media are entrepreneurs with their own business. But yet, many of these folks do not LEAD in social media.

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Social Media Marketing- The 4 Levels of Value of a Social Media Value Merchant




Are THEY Talking about YOU???

Yes, I know.

I disappeared again.

Been on the road and whew- 12 cities in 6 weeks speaking. Lots going on. Consulting. Starting another New Business. Moving into bigger offices and warehouse space. Losing my mind. LOL. But am back to writing.

Am sitting here on the dock at lake twitter on Memorial Day Weekend and thinking about the Core of any home business and social media. I have been thinking about this for a couple of days, and thought I would write a short post on the 4 levels of Value that i have found in social media and how it impacts the social sphere.

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Social Media Marketing- 5 Social Media Time Saving Secrets


Been gone for over a week on the road. This is conference season and lots to do. BUSY time of the year. That got me to thinking about something that has been a question that most get just about everywhere we speak.

How do you DO all this social media stuff when trying to market you and your message?

Good question!

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Social Media Marketing- Top 35 Social Media Niche Sites

great post by Chris Winfield
President @ 10e20, LLC * Their website * Their blog

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Last week I gave a presentation at SES NY and included a list of 35 niche social media sites that we participate in regularly. Lots of people have asked me for this list so I decided to put it here. The following 35 sites are broken down into 8 different categories and each site has an active community and can help you get exposure. These sites aren’t going to send you 50,000 visitors but they will send you targeted traffic & links (if you’re content is good).

1. Business

Tip'dTip’d – Finance

Feed The BullFeed The Bull – Investing

Motley Fool CapsMotley Fool Caps – Small Cap Investing

Value Investing NewsValue Investing News – Investing

PfbuzzPfbuzz – Personal Finance

Real Estate VoicesReal Estate Voices – Real Estate

SphinnSphinn – Internet Marketing

Killer StartupsKiller Startups – New Biz

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Social Media Marketing- Have You Heard of “Marketing Mule?” 1000 Internet / Social Media Tools!



It’s Time to MULE UP!

Occasionally you run across something that really is a GREAT find.

A gem in the corner. A diamond in the grass.

Today, I found one.

This is a very short post. But well worth the follow. I ran across a site that i believe has a Value rating that is OFF THE HOOK!

Everyone in social media and internet marketing should have this site at the tip of your fingers. It really is that good.

What is the name of this extraordinary find?

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Social Media Marketing- The 5 Most Powerful Words in Social Media

This will be a short post.

But a powerful one.

Social Media is getting more popular by the minute. Folks are jumping aboard like liferafts from a sinking ship. And people seem to really be connecting to the whole social media zone.

But whether you own a home business or a traditional business, you need to know the 5 most powerful words in social media marketing.


No exceptions when it comes to marketing and business.

Many have a different set of words. But those are the ones that are struggling and don’t get it.

Ok- what are those words?

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Social Media Marketing- The 4 Levels of CONNECTION in Social Media



CONNECTION is the Secret!

The base of Social Media Marketing is about Conversation.

No Doubt. But the platform the base is hosted on I believe is CONNECTION. Conversation does not happen without Connection, and without a reaching out on someones part.

Connection is the START of where it all happens in Social Media.

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