Social Media Marketing- 5 Quick Tips on What to Write about to Guarantee Eyeballs Looking




LOTS of Eyeballs Reading, Listening to, and Watching Social Media Content.

A Flood.

THAT is what has happened in Social Media.

A flood of content on social media sites that have proven to be life changing in many ways and business changing.

But if a flood has occurred–what is left to passionately write about?  What is left to say that has not been said?


How would you like to know 5 tips that will GUARANTEE eyeballs looking at or reading what you have put out in social media? THAT would rock your world and business if you could Explode the ATTENTION given on the content you are putting out for your business and social media marketing.

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Social Media Marketing- Content in Social Media is NOT King (or Queen)


Content is NOT king.

Hmmm…this may go against the grain with some folks.

But after 4 years in social media, I believe that I need to write this and get this off my chest.

There is a myth out in the social media zone, saying, “Content is king.”

That is not true.

If it were, there would be a HUGE amount of more articles and blogs and posts that the search engines would be indexing and showing in all of it’s search results…

But that is not really happening.


Because Content is NOT King (or Queen.)

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Social Media Marketing- 10 Secrets to Creating a LinkMagnet Tsunami




Gotta love that term.

I prefer another term and am preparing a course on it “LinkMagnet 101.”This is going to teach you in a simple non-geek way how to literally attract hundred of links a day to any site that you have- every time-with  a unique focus. Not hard to do at all, but does take some discipline and work. Many people in social marketing are looking for the ‘easy path” and I have news for you- there is no easy path to social marketing. It takes time and effort, but it will pay off huge if you do what needs to be done.

But there are three rules to creating a LinkMagnet before we go any further:

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Social Media Marketing- 2 Quirks of Human Nature that Costs You Dearly

More curious quirks of human nature
to take to the bank in 2009 …

Dear Web Business-Builder,

Last week’s article entitled, Three weird and wonderful little quirks of human nature that can make you richer than Midas in 2009 proved pretty popular. So I figured, hey, why not add a couple more of these gems to your collection?

In that article I talked about leverage … and taking the path of least resistance toward the sale … by harmonizing your sales message with three pre-existing biases we all share as human beings.

Naturally the more of these biases you can leverage the better. So here are a couple more for you to use in your next promotion …

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Social Media Marketing- The ONE Secret to Scorching HOT Copy

 I discovered this secret from a man about 15 years ago.

He was about 74 years old when we met.

He was a serious, poker faced man, until you got to know him. Then he was a teddy bear.

He was made of many things in his career. Buit one thing stood out.

Genius. Pure Genius when it came to writing copy and understanding the art of communication.

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Social Media Marketing- 3 HOT Tips on How to Not Struggle Writing Copy


Copyblogger has done it again. Here is a GREAT post on three tips for helping you to not struggle with copy writing by Sean D’Souza.

Let’s say you want to blow up a lab.
What do you do?
You take two explosive chemicals and mix them together, right?

But what if you took Na + Cl and mixed them together somehow.
What would you get? You’d get salt.
What’s worse is that the lab would not be “blown up.”

And you’d be a failure.
The more labs you tried to blow with Na + Cl, the more you’d fail.
And the more you fail, the more you’re going to fail.

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