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AR virtual reality technology application changes digital marketing




Although not much is said by virtual reality (VR) technology on mainstream technology sites, the value of augmented reality (AR) in marketing is undeniable. Leading businesses have incorporated AR as part of their digital strategy to attract customers and provide them with the best and best experience.

The level of hype surrounding virtual reality technology (VR) to some extent, has made many people forget the popularity of augmented reality (AR). AR in marketing allows businesses to enhance the customer experience by covering image information on common objects. This gives customers an enhanced version of reality, which is more attractive and informative.

Use AR in marketing

The main goal of AR in marketing will be to gain awareness of increased branding, higher levels of customer interaction and higher perceived value by enhancing brand awareness.

There is an interesting AR application that gives users a memorable experience that will help create a buzz for your brand.

AR in marketing ensures better online interaction and more shares and likes with your customers, leading to more exposure and increased brand recognition. Create AR-supported entertainment advertising campaigns that provide value to customers, increase awareness and attract media interest.

Pepsi’s augmented reality ad in a London bus station is an example of how technology can be used by brands established to remain competitive. The effectiveness of AR as a marketing tool has been demonstrated much before fashion retailer Moosejaw launched an AR application, which supports X-rays, to see its print catalog. This app has more than 250,000 downloads and a 37% increase in revenue.

Increase the level of customer interaction

Although online shopping has seen rapid growth in recent years, online shopping and shopping are still considered a more reliable way to buy. This is especially true when people want to make a long-term investment such as buying home furniture or completing renovation.

Top brands like IKEA have used AR to allow customers to assess the suitability of their products in their homes. IKEA Place, is IKEA’s AR app, uses the customer smartphone camera to show how a selected furniture will fit in the customer’s residence.

This application not only helps customers easily identify which furniture is suitable for their home but also provides an interesting way of experimenting. Other global brands such as Coca-Cola and Nippon Paints have also used AR marketing strategies, resulting in increased interaction and interaction on social networks.

Enhance cognitive value

Use AR technology to provide customers with exciting experiences and services that allow brands to express themselves as creative leaders in their industry. It also leads customers to value a brand’s products more than similar products.

In a recent study, 40% of respondents were willing to pay more for a product that could be experienced through augmented reality. This shows a direct causal relationship between the use of AR and the perceived value. Similar research also reported that 61% of shoppers want to shop at the AR supply store on no stores. Brands are increasingly recognizing the value of AR in raising awareness and are developing ways to integrate AR into their marketing and customer service channels.

It can be argued that 2018 is the year of AR, and the application of this technology will only increase since then. This will serve as a wake-up call for businesses that are not anticipating the use of this technology in their marketing campaigns.

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