5 Social Media Time Saving Secrets

Been gone for over a week on the road. This is conference season and lots to do. BUSY time of the year. That got me to thinking about something that has been a question that most get just about everywhere we speak.

How do you DO all this social media stuff when trying to market you and your message?

Good question!

I struggle with it on the road as the demands are great. i have been on the road for over 20 years, working, speaking and training, and attempting to have a life. And if you are going to engage in social media, you really need to understand Social Media Time management.

First off, there is no such thing as Time management.

That is s myth.

You cannot manage time. But you can manage events and how those events are executed and in what order during a time span.

“Event mangement” is much more appropriate for Social media and all that goes on with it.

What is an “Event?”

A blog. A podcast. A tweet. A facebook note. A new connection. A video being shot. An ebook being released. A new website launch. A new event to promote.

Or even just some research or relaxation time that you need to do.

You can get overwhelmed with it, and do nothing but social media all the time. That some people seem to do. I cannot and most reading this cannot. We simply are too busy to stay in socialville 14 hours a day- let alone a week.

So- what do you do?

Here are 4 things that you may want to consider and apply:

1) Social Media Blueprint.

Most professionals and entrepreneurs today have no plan, nor blueprint. I call it “Social Media on the Fly.” They simply get on , , or all the others and stay for a bit, but then leave and go to another.

How about this: Developing a day to day blueprint that schedules all you need to do-videos, facebook notes, blog posts, new friends, new LinkedIn connections, new podcasts, new tweets going out, etc. Schedule them Monday – Saturday and when you are going to be doing them- and then do them at that time and schedule. Now some folks may not like a “Blueprint” and prefer less structure. That is fine- but a Blueprint keeps my hectic life sane and on track, and visible in the social zone.

Try it- schedule it- and then engage it. I found that I get three times more done on social media with it, then without it.

2) Tweetlater.com

This is a lifesaver for me as I schedule tweets many hours ir a day in advance. This is an application that will allow you to schedule messages as well as direct messages when people start following you. Most people know about it- but I am surprised at how few folks use it.

It has been a lifesaver in a very hectic season and month. if you have not used it, try it. It really does work well and is a powerful event management tool.

3) Ping.fm

This was covered in an earlier post, but this social tool rocks. It will allow you to send out a message to over 60 social sites with the push of a button. This includes facebook and twitter.

It takes a little time to register with all the social sites, and you DO need to become a part of those sites. become friends with people and join groups and communities. It makes a huge difference in your response ratio.

4) FriendorFollow.com

This little tool can help save you time with people that are not interested in what you have to say. It will tell you who you are following on twitter and who is NOT following you. Marketing requires QUALITY leads and followers. Not non existent ones.

It will show you ever person that is not following you. If you want to continue following them for what you can learn from them great. But with the new spam rules that twitter has put in place, you can only have 10% more people that you follow than who is following you. Make your follows count- and do not waste time with numbers on twitter that will never see your messages, with the exception of folks that you can learn from and are a great resource.

5) Socialmention.com

This is a great social search tool that shows you not only what and who is being mentioned in the social sphere, but also who is mentioning YOU and where. This will also show you how often you are being mentioned and what is being mentioned, or even IF you are being mentioned. It allows you to search trends and also what you would like to know that is being mentioned topic wise — as to focus you on possibly putting a message out about that topic. This is a time saver in researching what you can write about or record about that you KNOW people are talking about.

Why is this important?

It shows you what has caught people’s attention and what you need to zone in on. This allows you to see what  message you have sent out got people’s attention and what you need to spend more time on. It is accurate and helps you also in what topics seem to be with your time to write about. Marketing is about getting peoples’ attention first and foremost. This will save you a lot of time by showing you exactly that.

I have a friend that I helped put together a Blueprint for, that now says that it has saved her at least an hour a day in the social media zone. She says her business has increased because of the time she can develop new relationships versus “get out there”and be seen. And she says her traffic has increased as well from facebook alone to her website.

“It simply was I was spending too  time doing social media and not enough time marketing.”

Well said.

Welcome to the Social media Marketing Zone. It is not about how much time you spend- but your “ROE.”

Return On Events.

Make every event count. Maximize your time and effort. Get yourself a Blueprint. That can save you a LOT of time in Social Media Marketing.