Social Media Marketing- The 5 Social Media Lessons We Can Learn from Michael Jackson




Wow. What a Shock.

It was really sad that Michael Jackson passed away.

His was a genius at what he did. He sang, dance, moved, and blew people’s minds. He gave to the world what no one had ever done before.

And within that gift lies some Social Media Lessons that we can learn from him. Michael was somewhat of a sad figure in the end due to his legal woes and other issues, but his musical genius cannot be denied.

What can we learn for social media from his genius we can all embrace and utilize to bring out the social media genius in all of us. After all, we all know how to be social- it is what comes after that – that we can learn from Michael.

What are the 5 Social Media Lessons we can learn from MJ?

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Social Media Leadership- The 4 Secrets to Becoming a Powerful Social Media Leader




Social Media Leadership is an evolving process that really needs to be looked at by the social media community. It is critical.


It determines everything in any kind of social media change, growth, improvement, or marketing. Leadership is the elevator in all business. Esepcially in Social media. It will determine whether something goes UP or goes DOWN in the marketplace. It will determine Value or determine Emptiness.

I think you would agree, many folks in social media are entrepreneurs with their own business. But yet, many of these folks do not LEAD in social media.

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