Social Media Marketing- 7 Reasons Why Social Media Is Not Working for You




The last 6 weeks- whew- Road weary.

 Lived in a hotel and on a plane.

BUT! we are at home and life back to normal.

Sort of.

I consult a lot. I am blessed to have a thriving consulting/speaking business. But during the course of working and helping companies and entrepreneurs with their social media strategic planning as well as home business, I have found that there are 7 Reasons why social media is not working for a  lot of people, and you may be one of them.

They are not in any particular order, but here are 7 Reasons why that social media may not be working for you like it should be in your marketing efforts.

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Social Media Marketing- The 5 Things We can Learn from American Idol


American Idol.

Millions watch it every week and LOVE the show.

I am not really a huge fan of it, but I do appreciate the talent. They have discovered some great talent, including Carrie Underwood, Kelly Pickler, and Kelly Clarkson. (Yes, I do like country music having originally lived in Texas.)

What can we learn about Social Media though from American Idol?

Plenty. As American Idol has many components of Social Media Marketing you may not be aware of. There are 5 Things we all can learn from the show and will help make you a better social media marketer. If you are familiar with the show, then you know how it works.

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Social Media Marketing- The Secret of the 4 I’s of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing.

There is no mistake that the last word in this phrase is MARKETING.

SSSHHHH! Keep that a Secret!

Many people in social media market products, messages, ideas, books, CDs, trainings, ebooks, audio books, member sites, health products, travel products, legal products, and many other things.

We all are marketing something.

And in every business strategy, there is some form of a process.

A process is a step by step PATH that you can follow and it produces the RESULTS or destination that you are looking for. Many folks in social media follow a process whether on twitter, facebook, youtube, flicker, and any other social site. Just check their online tutorial. It shows you for the most part, a step by step process on how to use the social site.

But what about Marketing?

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Social Media Marketing- 5 Social Media Time Saving Secrets


Been gone for over a week on the road. This is conference season and lots to do. BUSY time of the year. That got me to thinking about something that has been a question that most get just about everywhere we speak.

How do you DO all this social media stuff when trying to market you and your message?

Good question!

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Social Media Marketing- Top 35 Social Media Niche Sites

great post by Chris Winfield
President @ 10e20, LLC * Their website * Their blog

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Last week I gave a presentation at SES NY and included a list of 35 niche social media sites that we participate in regularly. Lots of people have asked me for this list so I decided to put it here. The following 35 sites are broken down into 8 different categories and each site has an active community and can help you get exposure. These sites aren’t going to send you 50,000 visitors but they will send you targeted traffic & links (if you’re content is good).

1. Business

Tip'dTip’d – Finance

Feed The BullFeed The Bull – Investing

Motley Fool CapsMotley Fool Caps – Small Cap Investing

Value Investing NewsValue Investing News – Investing

PfbuzzPfbuzz – Personal Finance

Real Estate VoicesReal Estate Voices – Real Estate

SphinnSphinn – Internet Marketing

Killer StartupsKiller Startups – New Biz

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